Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department Selects Montel’s High-Density Storage Systems

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Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department


If you break the law in Stanislaus, then the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department has room for you to serve your time. But, until recently, there wasn’t room as much room for the records, clothing and possessions of 1,500 inmates, not to mention the personal items of the local deputies and booking staff.

With 40 new inmates booked and 20 to 30 released during every 12-hour shift, these public safety officials needed smarter organization than filing cabinets and hooks to reduce their lost property claims. Good thing Montel and BMH Equipment Inc., an Authorized Montel Distributor, were there to provide some much-needed backup.

« Stanislaus »


For their strength, accessibility and customizable design, Mobilex mechanical-assist mobile storage systems were the obvious choice: one for general administration – including historical records, personnel belongings, confidential items and training materials – one for in-custody filing and another for inmates’ possessions. Complete with adjustable SmartShelves, Mobilex offered the sheriff’s office storage that met high capacity demands without sacrificing on square feet or versatility.

« Stanislaus »


Since as many as 20 team members or more would require access to the systems throughout a given day, the mobile storage installations had to open quickly and keep staff safe during operation. Each Mobilex storage system came equipped with SafeCrank ergonomic handles and push-button locking mechanisms designed to prevent closure while in use. Embedded rails underneath the Mobilex carriages also protected against tripping and allowed access for wheelchairs and carts.

« Stanislaus »

Custom in-shelf features, such as clothing racks, ventilated lockers and numbered bins, gave sheriff’s office personnel the freedom to organize according to how they processed inmates, instead of having to create workarounds for static, inflexible shelving.

And for added safety, what storage system in Central Valley, California would be complete without anti-tipping technology capable of withstanding an earthquake? Montel, BMH Equipment and the sheriff’s department covered all the bases to ensure officers and office staff would be safe no matter when an emergency strikes.

« Stanislaus »


Thanks to high-density Mobilex storage systems, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department can book and release inmates comfortably, reduce its liability for lost property and provide its staff with safe, frictionless access to a dynamic library of records, resources and more.

ASICS’ first flagship retail location on Fifth Avenue in NYC selects Montel for the ROI and product quality

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Big Apple plus big business equals big expenses.

« Asics »

A single square foot of retail space in New York City can run store owners hundreds of dollars, even thousands – and more if these businesses don’t know how to be economical with their space. So expensive commercial real estate becomes a trade-off for some of the best foot traffic in the world.

But ASICS learned it doesn’t have to be. This internationally recognized leader in running shoes and activewear recently commissioned a mobile shelving installation for its flagship location on Fifth Avenue in downtown NYC. Instead of paying incredible sums to house its enormous inventory, ASICS is already seeing a return on its investment in a high-density mobile storage system versatile enough to shrink the footprint of its inventory’s while maximizing capacity.


« Asics »

Montel built ASICS NYC both manual and mechanical-assist mobile storage systems, both with SmartShelf technology, which combines feather-touch maneuvering and sturdy construction with an easily adjustable frame.

Furthermore, Montel worked alongside ASICS interior designers to craft a storage system with stainless steel end panels that blend with the modern and sophisticated look of the whole store.


« Asics »

For its main floor and back inventory, ASICS commissioned two SmartSpace 2MAs. Each of its unit in both installations comes equipped with an ergonomic SafeCrank handles with push-button locks. Just one pound of pressure can move one or multiple entire aisles of athletic wear. An additional SmartSpace 2M provides additional coverage for overflow inventory.

Engineered to support tons of inventory, SmartShelf shelving for the SmartSpace 2M and 2MA were customized with adjustable hardware and hanging clothing racks. Any ASICS employee can raise or lower the shelves to accommodate different sized boxes of products without tools or the aid of a professional.

“The SmartSpace 2MA mobile storage system fuses performance and fashion in true Manhattan style for our first ASICS flagship retail location on Fifth Avenue. The Montel product quality is not expensive, it’s priceless.”


« Asics »

Every inch counts when you’re paying top dollar for retail space. With high-density mobile storage at key locations, ASICS drastically cut back its storage needs without compromising on quantity and customer service.

New exclusive authorized Montel distributor located in Seattle for US Northwest territory

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Montel Inc. is proud to announce the newest addition to its US network of exclusive Authorized Montel Distributors. Workpointe, the industry leader of space saving solutions for the last 17 years in the Northwest has selected Montel for the best and most technologically advanced products in this industry, and also its vast portfolio of High Density Mobile Shelving and Storage Solutions to compliment their strategic plan to ensure top tier solutions for their customers in Oregon, Washington State, and Alaska. Workpointe has showrooms located in Seattle (Washington), Spokane (Washington), and Portland (Oregon).


A family owned company, Workpointe is a deliberately different kind of company. We’re all about service and long-term relationships, rather than just making a sale. We’re committed to being both professional and personable – which means you’ll like our work and you’ll like working with us.We ask the right questions, anticipate challenges and deliver solutions.If there’s a problem, we’ll make things right. We’re always willing to work harder and go the extra mile for our clients.In short, we’ll do everything we can to make your job a little easier.WHO WE AREEstablished in 1924, Montel pioneered high density mobile storage systems in North America providing cost-efficient storage solutions using less space.With such renowned brands as Mobilex®, SmartShelf®, SafeAisle®, Aetnastak® & SAFERAK® to name a few, there is no project too big or too small.


Workpointe looks forward to working with you and will assure that the full resources of their operations will be directed to perfecting every detail of your storage requirement.



Nevada’s The Grove capitalizes on Montel’s high-density mobile cultivation systems

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Legal marijuana is an industry as financially advantageous as it is operationally risky.

In North America alone, Arcview Market Research reported that regulated marijuana sales reached $6.7 billion in 2016, an increase of 30 percent over the previous year. But that's just the start. At its current rate of growth, researchers predict that sales of legal cannabis in the United States and Canada will nearly triple over the next five years.

As North America continues to embrace medical and recreational marijuana with open lungs, grow operations, dispensaries and related enterprises have discovered the many ways this emergent industry eats at their resources like a stoner during a late-night munchie binge.

1. Elusive warehouse vacancies

Cultivating and distributing anything requires storage areas. Consider Denver, Colorado, which we'll use as a microcosm for what's happening with commercial weed-growers. By the end of 2016, grow operations accounted for nearly two-thirds of all Class B and C industrial space in the area, according to CBRE. A similar story plays out everywhere marijuana is legal: Vacancies are hard to find.

2. High cost of space

Even when cannabis businesses do find appropriate space, warehouse owners are likely to charge them more for use, either because of perceived elevated risks or, in the case of properties once occupied by marijuana growers, because of a proven track record for usage. Again turning to Denver as an example, one square foot of space is sometimes two to three times more expensive for marijuana growers than it is for companies operating in agriculture.

3. Energy expenses

Growing marijuana is an energy-intensive process. It requires around-the-clock lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation. According to estimations from an oft-cited cannabis-related energy study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, legal and illegal marijuana growth accounted for 1 percent of total energy consumption in the U.S. in 2012. That was five years ago, and while many grow ops endorse the use of energy-efficient practices, there's no telling whether their desired sustainability has kept commensurate with the market.

4. Water consumption

Although tragically underreported, a single marijuana plant requires, some estimate, around six gallons of water daily to produce a viable harvest. Now multiply that by thousands of plants growing year-round. Again, for the sake of the environment and drought-ravaged regions where marijuana is legal (we're talking to you, California), the cannabis industry must do more to use water intelligently.

Montel knows what it takes to grow marijuana commercially

In 2015, Montel built a state-of-the-art high-density mobile vertical growing system for The Grove, a 16,000-square-foot medicinal marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas:

  • Installation included 29 42-foot-long carriages spread across four rooms.
  • Racks designed for optimal plant arrangement, doubling availability.
  • Each unit outfitted with individual fuse boxes, fans, hoses and more.
  • System powered by a total of 480 LED lights provided by Montel's LED grow light partner Heliospectra, makers of high-quality lighting solutions and technology for growers.

Montel is happy to announce that The Grove recently invested in SafeAisle electric mobile racking systems for three new vertical-tier grow rooms slated for completion in 2018. For more information on the high-density mobile cultivation system built in 2015, read our blog post or check out our video:

Montel mobile vertical cultivation systems address the biggest problems all grow operations and dispensaries face with exact solutions:

Optimized space: By removing aisles from the equation, legal cannabis companies can reduce their storage footprint without scaling back on yield, making warehouse space easier to find and afford.

Energy efficiency: In-rack LEDs reduce electricity needs. A condensed footprint also allows for HVAC-efficient photosynthesis and a consistent yield.

Water conservation: With watering equipment built into each unit, usage is limited to only what's necessary. Virtually nothing goes to waste.

Are you a grow operation or dispensary looking for a better way to store your plants? Contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor today to find the custom high-density mobile cultivation system for your operations. Click the links below to learn more about our strategic partners Heliospectra and AutoPot.

Set the bar high with Aetnastak cantilever shelving and hanging storage accessories

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We at Montel truly believe anything and everything can fit on a shelf.  All it takes is finding the right shelf for the job.

That's the motivation behind Aetnastak cantilever shelving, the endlessly configurable high-density shelving solution that redefined library storage.

But librarians aren't the only ones impressed by all that Aetnastak can do.  Many of our clients in other lines of work have outfitted these already powerful shelving systems with hanging storage options to suit their diverse needs.

What is Aetnastak cantilever shelving?

There's no such thing as a typical Aetnastak cantilever shelving system. They come in many shapes and styles because the hardware is compatible with compact static modules, Mobilex® mechanical-assist mobile shelving systems and SafeAisle® powered mobile shelving systems.

No matter how you deploy your Aetnastak shelving, you can look forward to these benefits:

  • Efficient storage always: Users can easily adjust the height, length and depth of Aetnastak cantilever shelves to match the dimensions of what they want to store. Choose single- or double-faced storage for extra efficiency. And of course, go mobile with Mobilex or SafeAisle to optimize your footprint even further. No wasted space. Just limitless storage potential.
  • Immediate organization: Arrange your inventory according to what makes sense to you, not what your inflexible shelving forces you to do. Aetnastak cantilever shelving is the storage system that changes with you.
  • Preserve your stock: Not everything takes to standard flat shelves as well as boxes do. There is no shortage of customizable accessories our customers can affix to the Aetnastak cantilever universal frame. Pick the features that protect your inventory and support low-maintenance management. 

Hanging options, however, take Aetnastak cantilever storage to the next level. Here are just a few of the applications our imaginative clients and their local Authorized Montel Distributors thought up:

1. Harness storage

Are you a field service dispatch center with technicians that climb utility poles or repair wind energy turbines? Or are you a small professional bungee company serving local thrillseekers? Either way, your equipment deserves storage that ensures safe usage and management.

2. Parachute storage

Even though parachutes are engineered to endure the harshest conditions, improper storage can damage them and compromise their performance. Aetnastak cantilever shelving with hanging storage accessories all but eliminates those concerns for military paratroopers and commercial parachutists.

3. Outdoor equipment retail storage

If only storing outdoor backpacks was as much fun as adventuring in the wilderness. Designed for the elements, this rugged, bulky equipment does not take to traditional storage well. Hanging storage accessories, on the other hand, keep operations clean and orderly.

4. Kayak storage

A kayak? On a shelf? Forget about it. Unless, of course, you invest in an Aetnastak cantilever shelving system with hanging bars. These features cradle each kayak so retailers and rental services can display them safely.

In fact, hanging bars are so dependable, museums use them to store canoes that are hundreds of years old!

5. Textile storage

Whether you're a textile manufacturer or a retail rug seller, you can enjoy the flexibility of adjustable roll bars on customizable Aetnastak shelving. Double up to maximize your storage area. Be sure to check out our options for static and mobile shelving systems.

6. Military mobility bags

Every good mobility bag has one thing in common: field readiness. Troops deploy at a moment's notice, and so must their mobility bags. Aetnastak cantilever shelving systems give soldiers everything they need to organize their equipment, access it when the time for action comes and keep their supplies safe in the interim.

Aetnastak cantilever storage systems aren't just for libraries. For more information on these and other applications, contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor today.

Fashion-forward, forward-thinking: Marios Seattle goes mobile with SmartSpace shelving

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Fashion institutions like Marios are not built overnight. They take generations of love and challenges to nurture into existence.

What started in the 1960s as a family-owned and -operated clothing store in Portland, Oregon, has become an internationally recognized purveyor of luxury clothing and accessories for men and women with multiple locations on the East and West Coasts. True story: Marios was the business that introduced American audiences to wildly popular Italian brands Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna and Diesel Jeans back in the mid-70s!

As the Marios legacy passed from parent to child, the company's accomplishments only multiplied. Maybe having an eye for style is hereditary?

Marios recently partnered with Mitchell Stores, another incredibly successful family-run clothing retailer with a common belief: Treat customers like co-workers – and by that, we mean family.

Snagged on a storage dilemma

Designer suits and jewelry are Marios' forte, but storage has been something of a loose thread, particularly at its Seattle, Washington, branch.

Retail space in Seattle isn't cheap – at $224 per square foot, Marios needed a plan for condensing its storage footprint without compromising on its commitment to quality. Its owners wouldn't settle for some passing storage fad. They wanted something elegant, timeless and as fashionable as it is functional.

Time for SF Space Solutions, an Authorized Montel Distributor, to strut its stuff.

Shelving experts from SF Space Solutions built Marios a totally modern, totally chic SmartSpace 2MA® mechanical-assist mobile storage system, which includes highly adjustable shelving and our latest SafeCrank™ ergonomic handles with push-button locks.

Once its mobile shelving system was fully installed, Marios staff received three immediate benefits:

1. SmartSpace saves money

Without wasting valuable storage space on unnecessary aisles, Marios reclaimed about 50 percent of all square footage once solely devoted to inventory.

Owners can now decide whether to add more shelving for greater product volume or a wider selection, or they can use the space they saved for other purposes, such as expanding the selling floor. Either way, Marios has more options they didn't have yesterday thanks to the maximizing power of mobile shelving.

Fully adjustable shelvings only add to the space-saving benefits. Marios staff can customize their shelves to the exact heights they need and never waste a single cubic foot of space because of inflexible storage equipment.

2. SmartSpace protects merchandise

Luxury fashion doesn't stay that way forever, not unless it's cared for properly. Before Marios customers fall in love with the store's collection on the sales floor, Marios staff do their best to keep their clothing and accessories in perfect condition in storage. But inventory management with traditional storage hardware requires a lot of attention and organization, which might detract from other crucial operations.

With collapsible mobile shelving, preserving high fashion just got a whole lot easier. SmartSpace mechanical-assist shelving systems prevent unnecessary or accidental contact with inventory, thereby reducing the risks of damage and loss.

3. SmartSpace empowers customer service

Clunky, hard-to-manage storage equipment can't stand in the way of customer service. We know mobile shelving systems beat traditional shelves in a number of ways, but is it as simple to use as an ordinary shelf?

Marios knows it does. No matter how much fabulousness the retailer piles onto a mobile shelving unit, SmartSpace users need only a pound of pressure to activate a SafeCrank handle and create an aisle. Once opened, the system locks with a push of a button for added safety.

We'd like to thank SF Space Solutions for yet another excellent installation. Your hard work really shows!

Looking to bring mobile shelving to your retail clothing store? Contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor today.

Efficiency hits a high note at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul

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For more than 115 years, students have flocked to the verdant campus of the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota, to study the arts in a setting focused on a faith and fellowship.

Unfortunately, storage resources at the university were centuries behind the times. Kirk Moss, music professor and chair of the Department of Music and Theatre, and Tim Sawyer, director of choral activities, have curated the school's library of ensemble sheet music for years. It wasn't until recently that they enjoyed managing the collection as much as they enjoy teaching music.

Before Northwestern installed its very own custom mobile shelving system, Kirk and Tim were forced to relegate their collection to the basement beneath Northwestern's performing arts center – an inaccessible, unventilated tomb fit for the Phantom of the Opera but certainly not students and faculty.

Once space opened up in the library, the two jumped at the opportunity to bring their choral and instrumental arrangements to the surface and organize it all in a way that made sense to them and their curriculum. The move, however, would require a reimagining of how to store these sensitive materials.

What did Montel build for Northwestern?

After consulting with its local Authorized Montel Distributor, Northwestern decided on a Mobilex® mechanical-assist mobile shelving system, complete with SmartShelf® hardware and SafeCrank™ handles located on the end panels of each storage unit.

Here's how their decision made waves for arts education on campus:

Maximum space, minimal footprint

Without a sensible plan for optimizing space, the school could not in good conscience move its ensemble music collection to the library and risk disrupting everyday operations for such an important academic facility.

Luckily, Montel assessed how much space the library had available and deemed it more than enough for an efficiently designed mobile shelving system. Its collapsible design cut storage requirements in half and allowed Kirk and Tim to share the space and not overuse it.

Total accessibility

With the collection safely above ground, students and faculty wouldn't have to jump through hoops to access its contents, let alone manage or peruse them.

For Kirk and Tim especially, the move meant they could spend more time thinking about arrangements for the next concert and considering their options instead of worrying about the logistics of just getting into where they were kept.

Mobilex mobile shelving is perfect for storing musical instruments, too.SmartShelves are perfect for storing musical instruments, too.

Intelligent, efficient organization

A ballad may not be printed on the same size paper as a concerto, nor will it have the same number of pages. These height and width variations make storing large, eclectic collections of sheet music difficult and inefficient.

Thanks to SmartShelf technology in its mobile shelving installation, Northwestern can organize its collection according to size, then tailor each shelf to the exact dimensions of its contents. Better still, users can implement changes as soon as storage needs arise. SmartShelf adjustments don't require special tools or professional assistance. All it takes is a pair of hands and a few spare minutes.

Ease of access

Is mobile shelving strong enough to hold centuries worth of sheet music? More importantly, will users be able to open units stocked with hundreds of pounds of paper?

Mobilex mobile shelving systems are engineered precisely for handling the heaviest weights with the lightest effort. Users need only apply about a pound of force to move fully loaded shelves. The secret is Montel's SafeCrank handles, which separate shelving units with a quick turn of their ergonomic knobs.

The University of Northwestern chose our original SafeCrank with its switch-lock design. Since then, we've updated our popular mechanical-assist mobile shelving handles by changing the switch to a push-button mechanism. See the latest SafeCrank model here.

Mobile shelving will make any storage space sing! See for yourself how many applications and environments Mobilex mechanical-assist mobile shelving serves.

Minnesota Twins cover all the bases with their Mobilex mobile shelving system

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The Minnesota Twins memorabilia archive goes all the way back to 1961 when the franchise moved from Washington, D.C., and changed its name from the Washington Senators. Six American League pennants and two World Series wins later, the team has collected over 8,000 items – bats, bases, jerseys, gloves and more – from legends of the clubhouse such as Kirby Puckett and Rod Carew.

But space was scarce at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, the Twins' former stadium until their inaugural game at Target Field in spring 2010. Curator Clyde Doepner remembers struggling to find a single place to safely store and organize a growing body of memorabilia. Standard shelves and cabinets did not suffice, nor did these storage spaces give him peace of mind about security.

Thankfully, the Twins recently bumped their sports storage solutions into the big leagues. Listen to what Doepner had to say about his team's Mobilex® mechanical assist mobile shelving system by watching the video below or read on for more information:

Centralized high-density storage

Mobilex mobile shelving uses space efficiently. No cubic foot is wasted because of clunky hardware or bad design.

Our systems reduce storage footprints by up to 50 percent, allowing for maximum capacity in small areas and enabling users to pack items away exactly how they want to.

Adjustable SmartShelves

Our mobile shelving systems utilize boltless SmartShelf technology, a revolutionary method for customizing storage according to the shape and size of your inventory.

SmartShelves adjust easily, no tools or maintenance expert required. Simply remove the locking plate, lift the shelf, slide it out horizontally, adjust the four hooks to the ideal height and replace the shelf. It's that easy.

Effortless access with SafeCrank™

No matter how heavily users stock the system, opening and closing a mobile shelving installation is never difficult thanks to the SafeCrank handles on every unit. SafeCranks require only about a pound of pressure to move an entire shelf.

"With literally a finger," said Doepner, "you can spin it and turn it. It slides very easily."

Montel offers several different locking options for mobile shelving systems. The Twins chose manual locking mechanisms located on each SafeCrank, which hold the units open. The team also requested a mechanical key lock to secure the entire module when it's not in use.

Always room to grow

History marches on. So long as the Twins keep making baseball history, curators like Doepner will continue to need flexible smart storage options. And because the Twins' mobile shelving installation optimizes storage in its immediate space, there's always the potential to add more shelving when needs arise.

Contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor to learn about bringing a Mobilex mobile shelving system to your business.

Mobile shelving for off-site storage: What are your options?

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Storage is a universal need, as important to industrial manufacturers as it is to small-business retailers with limited inventory space or libraries with more books than staff members know what to do with.

But there comes a time when businesses and organizations must ask: What do I do if on-site storage isn't enough?

Before you consider moving materials off-site to storage containers or investing in a whole new facility, we challenge you to ask yourself a different question: Why isn't your on-site storage enough?

Off-site storage ought to be strategic, not reactive

No one spends incredible capital on off-site storage without good reason to. But jumping right to off-site storage as a solution to on-site storage issues fails to address the real problem: inefficient, inflexible shelving options.

Let's use libraries and library storage as examples. One library, compelled by an evolving media environment, now has a greater need for computer labs and communal spaces than ever before. So after conducting resource analysis and developing a responsive archival/retrieval system, this library decides to move a large portion of its collection off premises, giving patrons new resources without depriving them of valuable information. In this way, off-site storage makes sense, right?

Well, that depends: Did decision-makers at that library first weigh the benefits of a high-density storage system for on-site operations?

Mobile shelving can reduce storage footprints by 50 percent, thus maximizing the space adopters already own and pay for. It's entirely possible, even probable, that the one-time installation of a mobile shelving system would not cost nearly as much as constructing, maintaining and powering an entirely new off-site storage facility.

High-density HI-BAY MOBILE shelving from MontelHigh-density HI-BAY MOBILE shelving from Montel

Challenges of off-site storage logistics

If storage users can help it, they're far better off investing in smarter shelving solutions that keep their resources close by rather than at remote warehouses.

Off-site storage requires advanced cataloging and logistics networks designed to transport resources between facilities and central hubs. More importantly, these processes have to run like clockwork. Otherwise, retrieval or restocking problems will outweigh the value of freeing up space at the main headquarters.

If, for example, retail managers with off-site storage cannot check on off-site inventories or quickly truck in goods that are out of stock, they will miss opportunities to capitalize on hot trends and turn a profit. Without these frameworks in place, it's better to optimize on-site storage with custom mobile shelving than to risk hurting your business or organization in the name of helping it. More efficient on-site storage keeps everything under one roof and limits the amount of change necessary to adapt.

Are storage containers worth it?

Of course, there are other options available for off-site storage. The question is whether they're as beneficial as storage users need them to be.

One popular option – though we certainly don't know why – is the storage container. One pricing study found that storage container rentals could cost anywhere between $50 and $500 per month or more, not including delivery and pickup costs, which vary according to the renter's proximity to the rental company. Modifications, such as insulation or refrigeration, will drive up prices, and the best deals force renters into multiyear contracts. And for what? A big empty metal box that could run you hundreds of dollars every time you want to pull materials, merchandise or equipment from it?

Instead of throwing that money down a hole, organizations should put it toward custom on-site high-density mobile shelving they can use to store what they want as they want and access it whenever they want at no additional cost.

Support better off-site storage with high-capacity mobile shelving

Sometimes off-site storage is an unquestionable necessity. In those cases, storage users must be careful not to repeat history by investing in static, prefabricated L&T shelving and go mobile instead. Here's why:

  • Mobile shelving scales sensibly: High-density mobile storage allows users to grow without wasting space, taking advantage of every cubic foot and upholding good organization.
  • Mobile shelving changes with you: Mobile shelving systems from Montel require no tools or technicians to adjust. When inventory needs evolve, so can storage with minimal effort.
  • Mobile shelving offers diversity: Installations can be customized to include cabinets, lockers, bins, dividers and virtually anything else users could need. Ask your local Authorized Montel Distributor about how you can build a mobile shelving system all your own.
  • Mobile shelving makes room for success: No off-site storage facility is 100 percent storage. By optimizing the off-site storage footprint at all times, mobile shelving users save space for other necessities like offices and meeting areas.

For more information on whether you need manual, mechanical-assist or powered mobile shelving for your off-site storage facility or high-density industrial mobile racking for your warehouse, check out insights on the Montel blog or contact us today.

5 school shelving ideas that have absolutely nothing to do with library storage

Here are four examples of areas at your school that could use better shelving - and no, none of them is a library.
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Here on the Montel blog, we've talked a lot about library shelving systems. And why not? As digitization and multimedia resources change how people seek out information, libraries must adapt. They are, after all, the stewards of that information. In our minds, mobile library shelving helps librarians rise to the occasion.

But what if your library is more than just a library? What if your library is part of a school or university? If that's the case, extra space in your stacks may be but one of your many storage concerns.

Here are five examples of areas at your school that could use better shelving – and no, none of them is a library.

Stock your cafeteria with all the best foods and supplies.Stock your cafeteria with all the best foods and supplies.

1. Cafeteria

It's always better for the budget to buy food in bulk, right? Well, not if you lack the space to properly store your plus-sized groceries. Mobile storage systems in your dining hall can save your school money by allowing staff to take advantage of low-cost wholesale ingredients and keep perishable goods in a clean, controlled environment. Organization never tasted so good.

2. Arts programs

Let's face it: These days, there's little room left for arts education. No, we're not talking about space measured in square footage but rather dollars available in school budgets. Any proposed investments to arts programs, therefore, must demonstrate a great deal of value to the school board before they are approved. Does a custom mobile shelving installation make the cut? Consider the versatility of these shelving modules:

Music department
Ever tried to fit a sousaphone on prefabricated static shelving? Not many have. But thanks to our manual, mechanical-assist and powered mobile shelving units, you won't have to either. They're built with easily adjustable shelves that don't require tools or professional assistance.

Properly store expensive musical instruments.Properly store expensive musical instruments.

Theatre department
Who knows what next year's spring musical will be? Better play it safe by storing all your costumes on clothing racks and in bins available for any of our mobile storage solutions. Check out this custom mobile storage installation we made for Laval University and its theatre department. It even included shelving for the school's audiovisual equipment.

Save costumes season after season.Save costumes season after season.

Fine arts department
Student artwork deserves the same level of preservation used in museum storage. Collapsible, accordion-style mobile shelving installations can protect their masterpieces from damage – and perhaps a campus cat burglar or two.

Hang student paintings on double-sided mobile art racks.Hang student paintings on double-sided mobile art racks.

Best of all, a single custom mobile shelving installation can serve all three departments. Reach out to your nearest Authorized Montel Distributor to find out more.

Safeguard student health with organized medical supplies.Safeguard student health with organized medical supplies.

3. Nurse's office

In elementary and middle schools, nurses act as de facto pharmacists, administering doses of important medication and safeguarding emergency medical supplies. So don't these health care professionals deserve the same resources pharmacists, clinicians and doctors use to save space in their facilities? And isn't it imperative we keep potentially hazardous materials out of the hands of young students?

High-density QuadraMobile shelving, for example, won't take up much space, but it will deliver a great deal of storage power and organization. Moreover, custom locking mechanisms can prevent unauthorized access and tampering.

Mobile shelving keeps all college sports equipment organized.Organize all your college sports equipment.

4. Athletic department

Even though we've discussed sports storage on this blog about as much as we've discussed library storage, we don't mind repeating ourselves: Any school or university with an active and diverse athletic department should consider the benefits of installing space-saving mobile storage.

Montel can help your school design a one-of-a-kind mobile storage system that combines lockers, cabinets, drawers and more. We can even customize your end panels to match your school colors or proudly display your logo on each unit. If your coaches are tired of cleaning up after every game or replacing broken or lost equipment, add mobile storage systems to your locker rooms. They encourage organization and reduce your storage footprint.

Secure weapons with smart storage features.Secure weapons with smart storage features.

5. Campus security

Every student deserves a safe learning environment. That's why smart leaders overseeing large universities and college campus arm their security professionals well with guns and other equipment stored in mobile weapon storage. High-density shelving protects the integrity of security assets and restricts usage to those who are authorized to carry them.

Summer break won't last forever. Start your school year off right with mobile storage. Check out the Montel catalog for information about all our different storage modules and customizable features.