NY Public Library goes underground with mobile shelving

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The New York Public Library has been fast at work with Montel putting the finishing touches on a comprehensive print media storage project underneath the skating rink in Bryant Park.

According to an article by The New York Times, the NYPL chose to install a one-of-a-kind mobile shelving system instead of relocating its voluminous research collection all the way across the Hudson River to New Jersey.


What mobile tire storage did for one Montel client – and what it can do for you

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Recently, an Authorized Montel Distributor partnered with a local Acura dealership to solve its tire storage troubles. Installing this storage system in particular drew our attention to tire storage issues impacting many different businesses, apart from tire retailers.


University of Wisconsin unveils customizable mobile shelving system for sports equipment storage

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The University of Wisconsin needed equipment storage as powerful as its sports legacy.The University of Wisconsin needed equipment storage as powerful as its sports legacy.

Sporting equipment storage at a college or university almost always means performing the seemingly impossible: finding the most efficient storage that equally addresses many different sports and activities. But as the University of Wisconsin recently learned, Montel never backs down from a challenge, especially when it comes to optimizing storage space with cutting-edge mechanical-assist mobile shelving installations.

“I would like to sincerely thank Montel for their great customer service and storage shelving,” said Terry Schlatter, director of equipment for UW. “Montel allowed us to custom design and maximize the square footage the University of Wisconsin Athletics allocated for the Equipment Department. Thus, we can better service our student athletes and staff.”

So, how does customizable mobile shelving solutions score major points for university sports equipment storage? By combining different space-saving features into one tough-to-beat storage installation. Let’s look a just a few of the customizable features the University of Wisconsin Badgers chose for its state-of-the-art mobile shelving system.

Adjustable SmartShelf shelving
A single unused inch in a storage installation might not detract much from the value of the system as a whole, but with static, prefabricated shelving, those unused inches add up quickly. These kinds of storage can’t accommodate the diverse needs of their users, nor can they change with the times.

Montel outfitted UW’s equipment storage with adjustable SmartShelf shelving, capable of condensing or expanding in 1-inch increments without any tools whatsoever. University equipment storage can now adapt as needed to retain the most space possible no matter what’s stored on its SmartShelves.

Adjustable helmet bins optimize space and preserve equipment that keeps Badgers safe.Adjustable helmet bins optimize space and preserve equipment that keeps Badgers safe.

Bin dividers for helmets
Helmets are bulky for a reason – they protect college football players’ brains on the field so student athletes can continue soaking up information in the classroom. As great as they are to the health and safety of team members, their shape makes them difficult to store efficiently. With adjustable bin dividers, equipment managers can apportion the exact amount of room necessary for each player’s helmet.

Clothing racks store jerseys and uniforms the way they were intended to be stored.Clothing racks store jerseys and uniforms the way they were intended to be stored.

Garment rods
Whether playing at home or on the road, Wisconsin players have to look their sharpest. Proper jersey storage not only keep sports teams looking fresh, but it also helps schools save money by preserving uniforms. That’s why when UW sought a better way to manage its sports jerseys, Montel included garment racks. These storage features can be adjusted according to the size of the clothing stored, preventing wear and tear.

Locking double doors adds even more security to mobile shelving.Locking double doors adds even more security to mobile shelving.

Lockable hinged double doors
Thanks to its collapsible design, mobile shelving installations already outpace standard storage in terms of security. For added protection, UW added lockable double doors to a few of the modules in its mobile shelving system. This feature is particularly useful for safely storing expensive items like cleats.

Front lips
Balls were designed to roll, but when stored, they’ve got to stay put. Storage problems like this can lead to slip-and-fall accidents and damage valuable equipment. Montel incorporated front lips on UW’s mobile shelving installations to stop balls and other shelved sports equipment from getting jostled around. With front lips, everything stored in the bins stays put until game day.

No storage system would be complete without drawers.No storage system would be complete without drawers.

Pull-out drawers
Open shelving might not be conducive to storing a lot of bulky fabrics like towels. UW customized its mobile shelving system with pull-out drawers to keep its towels out of sight and out of mind.

Football, basketball, hockey or soccer – it doesn’t matter what sport the University of Wisconsin Badgers are getting into. Customizable mobile shelving gave their equipment storage a serious upgrade and will continue serving UW teams for many seasons to come.

How the University of Maryland saved its print media collection with HI-BAY shelving systems

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In today’s modern library, print media is no longer king. If it still holds a privileged position, print shares the throne with other multimedia offerings like films and music, as well as other space-intensive campus amenities like meeting rooms and study areas. A 21st-century library simply can’t justify keeping every single paperback or reference collection, right?

The Severn Library book depository at the University of Maryland proves real innovation lies in preserving the past for generations to come. With help from authorized Montel distributor Storage Systems USA, UMD not only retained nearly half of its valuable print collection, but gave all the books therein a proper home in a state-of-the-art HI-BAY high-density static shelving system.

The scope of the project
Severn serves as both overflow storage space for UMD’s McKeldin Library and other libraries on campus, as well as safe haven for delicate, archived materials. Each of the 405 static shelving modules stands at 36 feet, and thanks to the system’s high-density design, the entire facility provides of 10.5 miles of shelves and 21 miles of usable print media storage.

UMD now has library storage as far as the eye can see.UMD now has library storage as far as the eye can see.

That’s quite a capacity! But even with 1.4 million books in storage, Severn still has a lot of space left over to expand print possibilities down the road.

All the benefits
Beyond being somewhere to store extra books, Severn Library’s new HI-BAY static storage system also offers a number of opportunities standard book depositories couldn’t.

Organization in an off-site library storage facility is crucial, especially when handling so many unique materials. The same organizational considerations librarians and media specialists use in-house must be carried over into the depository: books must secured against loss and easily accessible to students, faculty and other campus researchers. Thanks to the storage system’s user-friendly and intuitive design, Severn staff can both assist library patrons with book orders, as well as keep a better record of how print materials move between libraries.

Over time, older texts can physically depreciate because of too much contact with browsing researchers. The more these books continue being handled unnecessarily, the shorter their life is. In a controlled repository like Severn Library, staff can restrict usage to fragile printed media to only those who really need it.

There’s no stopping the march of time, but as evidenced by Severn Library’s HI-BAY high-density static shelving system, you don’t have to erase the past to make room for the future. All you need is high-density storage, a love of literature and a little imagination.

3 amazing ROI opportunities for high density mobile shelving systems

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No shrewd investor drops their hard-earned money on breakthrough technology without considering its viability. Will spending on an innovation like high density mobile racking today be a lucrative business venture tomorrow?

1. When a business can hold more, it can do more
Businesses know space can be a valuable commodity, regardless of industry. For retailers and manufacturers, a diverse product line requires places for all the additional SKUs they’re charged with managing. For warehouses, extra room means extra opportunities to bring in new business and reap the benefits of demand-based vacancy rates.

“High density mobile racking systems imbue businesses with a greater sense of spatial economics.”

High density mobile shelving and industrial racking technology reclaims space otherwise occupied by aisles that more often than not go unused. That means as much as 50 percent of an industrial storage area equipped with static shelving is literally squandered on space that’s hardly used. Mobile racking installations can either shrink the overall storage footprint to allow for greater on-site operational freedom or effectively double a company’s storage capacity without physically expanding. In either case, high density mobile racking systems imbue businesses with a greater sense of spatial economics that provides financial benefits year over year.

2. Businesses stay quick with high density mobile racking
Can mobile racking systems really keep pace with the speed of modern business? Competitive markets call for investments that accelerate operations, streamline processes and eliminate waste. Outfitting an industrial facility with high density mobile racking installations not only improves logistical throughput but can push companies to make more intelligent, data-minded decisions about how they conduct business.

Mobile shelving coupled with optional e-Pulse remote monitoring technology works with logistics teams to isolate increased traffic areas and restructure their legacy organizational strategies around adopting more comprehensive zoning and picking methods supported by the mobile racking technology. With ePulse software, managers and supervisors can track facility movement, examine which products receive the most attention and make small adjustments accordingly.

What can your business do with 50 percent more storage?What can your business do with 50 percent more storage?

3. Innovating instead of renovating
Building on more room to a facility may improve gross production capabilities, but when one takes into account increases to energy footprint, construction costs and labor mandates – not to mention property rental costs, insurance, taxes and maintenance – who knows when that addition will actually return real value to the company?

When a warehouse or other storage facility has seemingly run out of space, expansion seems like the only solution. Thanks to mobile storage, it isn’t even a contender.

On the other hand, research conducted by Montel distributor revealed mobile storage modules installed throughout 20,000 square feet of reclaimed warehouse space would pay for itself in under two years and return more than $1 million in avoided costs after a decade of use.

Instead of increasing their size or spending money on fleeting managerial fads, businesses should simply strive to utilize the space they have more efficiently. To that end, investment in high density mobile racking systems is an investment in how well a company operates and keeps costs to a minimum.