Optimize or maximize? Win-wins with mobile shelving solutions

A change to mobile shelving can make a big difference to all sorts of businesses, whether they’re looking to shrink their storage footprint, expand it or simply do more with it.
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When was the last time you thought about how you shelve?

Every business, commercial or industrial, does it – but do they shelve as well as they could or should? And if not, what are they all missing out on by avoiding the problem?

A change to mobile shelving can make a big difference to all sorts of businesses, whether they're looking to shrink their storage footprint, expand it or simply do more with it.

Are you an Optimizer?

Is your storage occupying more cubic footage than you expected it to? With the wrong layout and static shelving, even businesses with minimal storage needs are susceptible to wasted space and high inventory management costs.

Mobile shelving systems optimize the area devoted to storage, freeing up new possibilities. What can businesses do with the space they save by installing customizable mobile storage solutions in their warehouse or stockroom?

For one, they can just leave it empty. After all, mobile storage modules condense the same volume of goods into an area 50 percent smaller than with static shelving. That level of spatial efficiency saves businesses immediately, especially if those businesses were planning to expand their properties, relocate or invest in off-site storage facilities because of their chronic storage issues.

Moreover, mobile shelving reduces recurring costs associated with per-square-foot refrigerated storage. According to investment management firm JLL, cold storage facilities cost triple what conventional warehouse storage cost. Mobile storage protects from overspending those who lease refrigerated storage units or who aim to invest capital in their own.

Are you a Maximizer?

On the flip side, a significant space savings of 50 percent will certainly tempt leaders to conceive of new ways to utilize areas once devoted to storage. Here are a few ways some Montel customers have used the space they saved by switching to mobile storage:

Expanded the sales floor: With a smaller storage footprint, retail businesses can grow their revenue-generating areas. Whether they choose to provide more room to mill about or a more diverse selection of goods, patrons will appreciate the improved shopping experience either way.

Added production or processing power: Industrial businesses such as manufacturing need their shop floors for far more than storing inventory and finished products. Reductions in storage open up opportunities to build a new line, for example, without overspending capital on a whole new facility.

Doubled up on storage: Warehouses are in the business of space. If they so choose, these businesses can reclaim aisles and maximize storage. Mobile shelving installations therefore give warehouses twice the capacity, twice as many vacancies to sell or utilize and twice as many SKUs to offer end users.

Whichever route you decide to take, trust that manual, mechanical-assist or powered mobile shelving solutions will propel your storage operations toward success. For more information, visit the Montel blog or reach out to your nearest Authorized Montel Distributor today.

6 industry-leading safety features built into Mobilex mechanical-assist mobile shelving [Video]

Goucher College, Baltimore, MD. Assembled by Douron Inc., Authorized Montel Distributor in Maryland.
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In the industrial spaces where high-density storage performs the greatest service – warehouses, off-site storage facilities and the like – all business must be built from the foundation of safety.

While the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports indicate the rates of fatal and non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses in the private sector are decreasing, facilities managers and site supervisors can’t let their guards down. After all, any number higher than zero is not worth celebrating.


5 bright ideas for whiteboard end panels on mobile shelving units

Have you ever thought about all the things you could do with end-panel whiteboards on your mobile shelving?
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Steve Jobs loved whiteboards, or so the legend goes. It’s hard to imagine the late mastermind behind Apple and Pixar without a whiteboard as his backdrop.

Montel actually designed a Mobilex mobile shelving for Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., complete with – you guessed it – full-length whiteboards as the end panels.


Introducing SafeCrank mobile shelving technology from Montel

How does mechanical-assist mobile shelving keep users protected at your place of business?
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Safety should always be a chief concern among business leaders.

Protecting employees from accidents in the workplace is not only the right thing to do morally, it’s one of the most cost-effective commitments an employer can make. According to research from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, American businesses spend an estimated $1 billion every week on workers’ compensation payments alone. Yikes! That can’t be good for the company checkbook or a brand’s reputation.


SmartShelf® vs. L&T Shelving: Which packs the biggest punch?

How does Montel's SmartShelf® Hybrid 4-Post boltless shelving system stack up against a traditional L&T commodity shelving unit?
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How does Montel’s SmartShelf® Hybrid 4-Post shelving system stack up against a traditional L&T shelving unit?

Frankly, we don’t think it’s a fair fight at all, especially when it comes to customization and spatial efficiency. Boltless shelving like SmartShelf® wins round after round.

We’ll walk you through a standard shelf adjustment step by step, compare the two shelving options and demonstrate exactly what we mean.


NOW PATENTED: Montel revolutionizes mobile storage with LED Guard Technology™ for SafeAisle®, SAFERAK® and RACK&ROLL

Montel is proud to announce patents for its innovative LED Guard Technology™ used in SafeAisle® powered mobile storage systems, SAFERAK® mobile racking systems and RACK&ROLL 16P mobile shelving.
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The world of high-density storage will never be the same.

Montel is proud to officially announce the issuance of U.S. and Canadian patents for its innovative LED Guard™ used in SafeAisle® powered mobile storage systemsSAFERAK® mobile racking systems (both 32P and 60P) and RACK&ROLL 16P mobile shelving.


Innovative mobile shelving solutions for secure weapon storage

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As any responsible gun owner, security staff or public safety official knows, securing weapons while not in use is critical to maintaining safety. Anyone can see the benefits to discovering the most innovative methods for storing firearms and granting access only to those with the proper clearance. So whether you’re an avid rifle collector or a member of the Department of Homeland Security, check out these smarter weapon storage solutions that promote safety above all else.


High-Density High-Bay Shelving for Kansas State University

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Libraries used to be all about books, stacks as far as the eye could see. But times are changing – to keep up with a diverse array of multimedia services and other administrative needs, libraries have had to expand their purview to reach modern audiences.

Kansas State University understood this evolution well. While its on-campus libraries provide students and faculty a quiet place to conduct research, they must also serve a dual purpose as an open space for the college community. To free up some room in their libraries, KSU teamed up with Montel to transform a printing facility into a state-of-the-art book depository with the help of high-density storage solutions.


Oh, the humanity: Human resources storage possibilities for any business

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A company’s HR department handles all things involving its human capital: how employees interact with each other, with the company and the knowledge they gain therein. With this broad job description comes a level of responsibility unlike any other position in-house.

Human resources storage can keep this department moving diligently to service everyone from entry-level interns to corporate stakeholders. Who knew the greatest asset to human resources might not be human at all?


At ease: A salute to military storage solutions

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Soldiers don’t settle. Military men and women require highly efficient and practical methodology to complete their missions, right down to how they stockpile their weapons, attire, field equipment and other paraphernalia. While traditional shelving wouldn’t survive boot camp, smart military storage goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve those who serve us.