How smart computer equipment storage sends IT departments into hyperdrive

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A business without an IT department nowadays is like a human without a brain.

The technology underpinning a company’s day-to-day operations facilitate modern commerce faster and more efficiently than ever before. Employees communicate with managers more intelligently through email and other intra-office connections. Customers receive a greater feeling of interaction between them and the things and services they buy when a company uses retention software. Advancements in smart production equipment are only surpassed by the terabytes of data flowing to and from any given business.

But the perfect IT infrastructure doesn’t sprout up overnight. To build the most efficient and resilient in-house computer network, the commercial sector should start with smart computer equipment storage.

“When it comes to IT, failure is measured in downtime.”

Smarter storage accelerates productivity
When it comes to IT, failure is measured in downtime. If a server malfunctions or an Internet connection inexplicably drops out, every second costs businesses serious money in one way or another. IT departments can mitigate this risk, but only if they’re given the proper resources to assess the problem and devise a solution.

However, though most of an IT professional’s toolbox exists in the virtual world, many of his or her greatest assets are physical, including backup hard drives, cables, an inventory of miscellaneous tech components and other such hardware. Static shelving may be able to hold everything, but can it do so with the efficiency of a computer? Customizable SmartShelf technology comes equipped with specially designed dividers, drawers and cabinets so IT staff know where to find exactly what they need exactly when they need it. Moreover, should their team’s storage requirements change over time, employees can scale the frame’s dimensions how they see fit.

With computer equipment storage this tidy, you'll make your motherboard proud.With computer equipment storage this tidy, you’ll make your motherboard proud.

Preserve assets with modern shelving
A corrupted file can stop a computer dead in its tracks. A single typo in a line of code can bring an entire program to its knees. Though data storage may not have much of a physical body left, the devices deploying this technology are perhaps more vulnerable than ever before.

Mobile storage like push-button Mobilex shelving can not only prevent valuable equipment from suffering damage while packed away, but it can also act as an additional line of security. The collapsible, accordion-style structure cuts down on space while also eliminating aisles. Each unit has digital keypad locks. Once closed, this feature prevents tampering from those without proper clearance. Only trained IT professionals will have access.

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