Hyatt Regency indulges its guests with a new luggage room furnished with mobile shelving

Hyatt Regency partnered with an Authorized Montel Distributor in San Francisco to redesign its luggage storage room.
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How can mobile storage for luggage rooms help weary travelers as much as it can hotel bellhops?How can mobile storage for luggage rooms help weary travelers as much as it can hotel bellhops?

Hotels like the Hyatt Regency in downtown San Francisco, California, want nothing more than for their guests to live in the lap of luxury. So, when travelers from far-off places arrive at the Hyatt before check-in, hotel staff doesn’t want them stuck dragging their bags around when there’s so much of the Bay Area to explore.

Hyatt Regency partnered with SF Space Solutions, a local Authorized Montel Distributor in San Francisco, to redesign its luggage storage room so its team of bellhops could more adequately provide for Hyatt guests.

Elegance in efficiency
Even the fanciest establishments know a thing or two about the value of spatial economy. That’s why outfitting the luggage room with a 4D wide span Mobilex mobile shelving installation makes the most sense. Thanks to its collapsible design, mobile shelving helps the Hyatt store more bags and other materials with half the storage footprint.

For Hyatt regency bellhops, the difference was night and day. The mobile shelving installation expanded the Hyatt’s luggage storage capacity by 250 percent, up to as many as 500 bags and suitcases! Hyatt Regency Bell Captains also told Montel and SF Space Solutions their bellhops are now able to retrieve luggage 75 percent faster thanks to the organization achieved by their new mechanical-assist mobile shelving modules.

Gold standard in versatility
Mobilex mobile shelving systems offer hotels the flexibility to reshape their luggage storage themselves without the need for tools or maintenance professionals. Heavy-duty wide span shelving can be adjusted in 1-inch increments to accommodate large suitcases or any unusually shaped objects visitors might have in tow.

Take off your coat and stay a while with mobile storage with coat rack features.Take off your coat and stay a while with mobile storage with coat rack features.

Better still, Mobilex shelving can include other kinds of storage features to create multipurpose spaces. A luggage room could also be a coat check if, like the Hyatt Regency, hotels added clothing racks with garment rods to their luggage storage installations. Furthermore, hotels could also tack on a few extra mobile shelving modules and use the additional space for general storage.

Stay chic with a rich color palette
Even shelving has the power to knock guests off their feet if it makes a statement or blends well with the decor. The Hyatt chose a breathtaking shade of deep red for its luggage room storage, but other hotels can choose from an array of color options that suit their tastes.

What color will your hotel's mobile storage installation be?What color will your hotel’s mobile storage installation be?

High-quality service for high society guests
Hotels are known for their lavish amenities – the more they can offer, the better they appear to travelers planning their next getaway. Things like a chocolate fountain in the buffet, late-night entertainment and even a luggage room powered by mobile shelving could be the differentiator that leads patrons to choose one hotel over its competitors. The Hyatt Regency now has one more incredibly appealing service to brag about to its prospective clients. What about your hotel?

Special thanks
Montel would like to show its appreciation by thanking local authorized Montel Distributor SF Space Solutions for managing this project and performing such a remarkable installation of luggage room mobile shelving storage.

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