UW Badgers score big with mobile shelving in latest Montel video

Check out our latest video showcasing an athletic equipment storage system we built for the University of Wisconsin.
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If you haven’t done so already, check out our latest video showcasing an athletic equipment storage system we built for the University of Wisconsin.

We’re especially proud of the mobile shelving we installed for the Badgers, so much so we could go on and on about it. That said, we’ll let Assistant Equipment Manager Sam Wrobel tell you exactly why he’s happy to see better, smarter storage capabilities in his locker rooms.

Before you click through, be sure to keep an eye out for these little details about Mobilex mobile shelving units that make all the difference when it comes to sports equipment storage:

Notice how easily mechanical-assist hand cranks spin
As important as weight training is for all athletes, nobody has to hit the gym before opening and closing aisles in a mobile shelving system. Thanks to our ergonomically designed mechanical-assist hand cranks, players, managers and coaches can operate shelving effortlessly no matter how much equipment a sports department loads onto its shelves.

Take a gander at what customizable storage means unit to unit, shelf to shelf
Reimagining sports equipment storage doesn’t imply fixing things for the football team and leaving the field hockey team to fend for themselves. That’s rather unsportsmanlike for an athletic department, don’t you think?

But finding prefabricated, static shelving that suits diverse storage needs is next to impossible. What ready-made shelf or rack on the market could hold football helmets, field hockey sticks, uniforms, pads and everything else a sports program demands without wasting valuable space?

“Customization is key when you stock a lot of different kinds of equipment.”

Custom mobile shelving installations, on the other hand, can improve an entire sports department’s organization and storing power across all activities. By centralizing all sports storage into one space-efficient shelving system, universities save resources on the field and across their campuses. Investments into the sports programs are safely squirreled away in one secure location after every game, and schools reduce their storage footprint by as much as 50 percent upon installation.

Consider what your department could do with endlessly adjustable shelving
Like we said, customization is key when you’ve got to stock a lot of different kinds of equipment from the onset. However, what happens if storage needs change after the mobile shelving installation is complete? Equipment managers can easily adjust these versatile storage solutions by 1-inch increments without any special tools. They can either tweak shelf placement slightly or completely alter the unit interior to support new requirements.

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