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Museum of Fine Arts Boston

  • Artifact Storage, Heavy-Duty Drawers, Mobile Storage, Museums, Pottery Storage, SmartShelf 4-Post Shelving, MFA Boston, MA
  • Artifact Storage, Heavy-Duty Drawers, Mobile Storage, Museums, Rock Storage, SmartShelf 4-Post Shelving, MFA Boston, MA


Museum of Fine Arts Boston


Boston, MA, United States


With a collection that encompasses nearly 450,000 works of art and growing, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) was running out of storage space resulting in need for efficient and flexible museum storage solutions.


To house over 11,000 art pieces of its Egyptian and Nubian collection, the MFA wanted to improve access to the collections while optimizing cost-effective space utilization.


To help solve the MFA’s evolving prestigious collections storage and preservation, Montel designed a museum storage solution that incorporated high-density mobile systems for one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world.


Montel supplied, delivered and installed the following custom-design engineered mobile storage system & product configurations:

- Mobilex mechanical high-density mobile storage systems

SmartShelf 4-Post hybrid shelving units

 - 4D wide span heavy duty shelving units made to store large or heavy items directly on them for a total up to 500lb

- Floor mounted pull-out storage panels

- Custom-drawers for artifact collections

- Specialized cabinets.


4D Wide Span, SmartShelf, Mobilex, Art Panels, Cabinet, Museum, Mobile Storage Panel, Museum Artifacts, Mobile Storage, Floor-Mounted Pull-Out Screens, Massachusetts



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