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Newfoundland’s Archives, Art Gallery and Museum

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The Rooms Uses Montel’s High-Density Customized Mobile Systems for Collection Storage and Preservation



Newfoundland’s Archives, Art Gallery and Museum



St. John’s, Newfoundland



Newfoundland’s three archive and collection departments decided to combine their items under one roof, in a space called “the Rooms”. However, they soon faced a serious problem. A variety of objects, documents, boxes, paintings, etc. of all shapes and sizes needed to be stored efficiently in a space that was barely 12 feet in height.



The Montel team notably had to deal with the existing cabinets that needed to be salvaged and proposed a multi-purpose storage system that could be adapted to the different possible applications (storage of artefacts, clothing and other fabrics, paintings, manuscripts, boxes of archives, etc.).



A very versatile system offering many storage possibilities. Mobilex® was the most rational choice, considering the space constraints, architecture of the premises and the diversity of the collections to be stored.



For the museum and archive sections, Montel chose a Mobilex® 4-post mechanical storage system, able to hold a considerable load and provide sustainable performance. For the art gallery, art racks on rails and long span cabinets were the perfect choice.


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