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Provincial Archives of Alberta

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The Provincial Archives of Alberta Selects Montel’s Custom-Design Archival Storage Solution



Provincial Archives of Alberta



Edmonton, Alberta



The Provincial Archives of Alberta had large collections that were stored in different areas. The situation was highly inadequate for both users and the archive collections. All the materials needed to be stored in one centralized location. As such, the storage system supplier needed to display considerable creativity in order to deal with the space constraints. A system with seven levels of shelving with precise10 ¼ inch spaces between each shelf was needed to ensure that no space was lost.



Enable quick and easy access to the archived material while maximizing storage space and respecting the requirements of a controlled environment, necessary for the preservation of the contents.



No standard storage systems (not even Montel’s systems) could meet this organization’s needs. Montel quickly went to work and a short time later proposed a new type of post that could accommodate shelves at 29 mm center to center increments, offering maximum flexibility for the storage of boxes, artefacts, manuscripts, etc. within the same system. In keeping with its reputation, Montel once again ventured off the beaten path and affirmed its leading position by redefining and raising the industry’s storage standards, much to the delight of the Provincial Archives of Alberta.



The project, completed in only 14 weeks, involved installing a QuadraVista type multi-purpose storage system, mounted on mechanical, movable carriages:

- high-density 4-post shelves, easy to assemble;

- QuadraVista 4-Post shelving system for multi-functional storage specifications;

- expandable system according to storage needs;

- superior price-quality ratio.


The project required a team of 20 experienced installers who assembled the contents of 70 trailers, more than 86 kilometres of shelving, in a record 14 weeks.


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