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ISO 9001 - 2015 Certification

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Pioneer of high-density mobile shelving storage system solutions in North America, Montel offers a complete line of products for fixed and mobile shelving storage units answering quality standards.


At Montel, client satisfaction is an ongoing priority. In this respect, all our employees have engaged in a continuous improvement process to provide a high-quality product that fully meets the needs and expectations of our clients.


From the first contact to the completion of a project, we spare no effort to meet the requirements of our clients.


Our goal is excellence. Our products, technologies and processes are continually developed based on a creative and innovative approach.


Consultation, participation, and a commitment to improvement are the foundations of our success. Our competent and motivated personnel upgrade their skills on an ongoing basis.


The efficiency of our organization is monitored on a permanent basis to enable us to produce fully compliant goods the first time, and every time.


Our suppliers, subcontractors and distributors are selected according to these same criteria, and based on their commitment to meeting these standards.


Montel is committed to maintaining this quality objective as a permanent priority.


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