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Manufacturing Mobile Shelving Storage

  • Manufacturing, Business, Departments, Marketing, Receiving, Shipping, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker
  • Manufacturing, Business, Departments, Marketing, Receiving, Shipping, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker

Help Maximize Your Manufacturing Productivity with Intelligent Storage of Supplies, Materials and Equipment Using Montel’s High-Density, Customizable Solutions


At manufacturing factories, productivity is a must. In all areas of your operations, you strive for more streamlined processes, higher throughput, less redundancy. Why not apply the same principles to your storage systems? Montel offers a full range of rolling and stationary, mechanical and electrical storage solutions that will enable you to handle large volumes of materials and equipment in the most efficient manner to ensure optimization of your operations.


Intelligent storage of your manufacturing factory’s vital resources—parts, tools, files, folders, boxes and so much more—will produce all kinds of benefits. Generate 50% or more capacity, store products more efficiently, maximize control and security, create a greener, more sustainable work environment, organize parts inventory, and limit the need to expand, to lease or build new space, or even to relocate.


By deploying our shelving, racking and filing systems, which are benchmarks in the storage industry worldwide, you can take advantage of their tremendous versatility. Powered mobile high-density racking can open up valuable space by eliminating the need for multiple aisles. The systems have modular and configurable features to help you adjust to suit your specific needs, and there are innovative products available for applications at all levels, big or small.


Deploy Montel systems for all areas of your business: administration and finance, corporate library, human resources, inventory, IT department, maintenance, marketing, receiving and shipping, etc. By delivering greater efficiency and boosting productivity, these high-density solutions will give you a rapid return on your investment in storage products, since you will receive immediate payback in terms of more throughput and powerful performance across your manufacturing processes.


Marketing, Receiving & Shipping Area, Administration, Corporate Library , Human Resources, Inventory, IT Department, Maintenance Tools, Administration & Finance, Maintenance


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