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Air Force Mobile Shelving Storage | Military Shelving

  • Air Force, File, Record, Folder, Binder,Box, Tools, Material, Pallet, Supply, Equipment, Guns, Riffles, Machine Gun, Bullet, Garment, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker
  • File, Record, Folder, Binder,Box, Tools, Material, Pallet, Supply, Equipment, Guns, Riffles, machine gun, bullet, garment, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker

Give Your Storage Wings with Montel’s High-Density Systems That Optimize Space While Offering Ready-to-Go Management of Air Force Supplies, Materials and Equipment


Preparing aircraft for Air Force operations is an exercise in space management. You have to maximize the aircrew flight storage of weapons, gear, supplies and equipment while bearing in mind the aircraft’s load and performance. You are therefore well-positioned to appreciate what Montel does with its storage systems. Simply put, they give you more space, by optimizing the available area and boosting capacity.

Montel is the shelving, racking and filing supplier of choice for military applications of all kinds. Our benchmark high-density storage solutions streamline your operations by giving you 50% more space for equipment, supplies, materials, rifles, machine guns, bullets, parachutes, helmets, visors, oxygen masks, mobility bags, clothing, tools, pallets, files, records, folders, binders, boxes, etc.—everything the Air Force needs to carry out its complex operations.

By offering you well-organized, ready-to-go storage, Montel’s systems can help you gain a critical edge in response times and operations management. Whether mobile or stationary, mechanical or electrical, our products also incorporate many security features for added protection—a vital issue for military activities.

The Multi-Flex Weapons Storage system, for example, is tailor-made for guns of all kinds, since it allows you to easily retrieve rifles, machine guns and so forth while also keeping them securely locked when not needed. With its durable structure and exterior handles, you can bring the unit on board when weapons transportation is required.

From the cabin of a fighter jet to the inside of an administrative office, one basic principle is true for all storage: less space = more efficiency. That’s why you should deploy our storage-optimizing solutions for all Air Force supplies, materials, garments, tools, equipment, weapons, helmets, visors, oxygen masks, mobility bags, files, records, folders, binders and boxes. With Montel, your gear and flight crew storage will soar to new heights.


Box, Equipment, File, Material, Pallet, Supply, Garment, Folder, Binder, Tools, Record, Guns, Rifles, Machine Gun, bullet


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