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Residential Mobile Shelving Storage

Upgrade Your Residence by Setting Up the Dream Home Storage System with Montel’s Line of Ultimate Filing and Shelving Solutions


Take a step closer to making your dream home a reality with Montel’s storage products. Inspired by our decades of experience in the filing and shelving field, we have developed the ultimate product line-up for elegant, convenient storage of all kinds—including personal residences. With our units and systems, you can eliminate clutter, create a more spacious living environment and improve storage of household items.


At Montel, we know that arranging the things in your home covers a broad range of possibilities. Perhaps you want to rack tools and hardware in your workshop. Or maybe you have sports equipment you need to store more efficiently in your garage or shed. If you work at home, you need residential office shelving and storage for files and boxes. And any parent knows the value of a versatile storage system when it’s time to put away children’s toys.


The beauty of Montel’s product range is that we have systems versatile enough to handle anything you need to store in your home. What’s more, our systems cut down on the square footage occupied by your storage areas, giving you up to 50% more room. That both gives you more living space in the short term and enables you to expand your storage in the long term. Doing that could not be easier with compact, modular products such as multi-purpose QuadraMobile shelving or Cabinet Style units.


Whether in your office, garage, shed, playroom or elsewhere, don’t settle for run-of-the-mill bookcases or filing cabinets for your tools, sports equipment, boxes and other materials. Choose Montel’s products to bring home the best storage solutions in the world.


Box, Boxes, Depot, Equipment, Material, Shed, Office, Sport, Garage, Tools, Basement, Private Collection, Wardrobe, Residential, Residential Storage


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Reduce Your Basement Storage Footprint with Montel’s High-Density, Configurable Shelving and Racking...
Residential, Garage, Bikes, Sport Equipment, Garden Tools, Tools, Skis, Snowboard, Windsurfing Gear, Helmets, Skates, Sport Balls, Home, Storage, Racks, Tires, Box, Boxes, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile

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Optimize Storage Efficiency at Your Residential Office with Montel’s Customizable, High-Density Storage...
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Private Collection

Appreciate the Art of Storage for Your Private Collection with Montel’s Shelving and Racking Systems...
Wardrobe, Residential, Home, Shoes, Clothes, Clothing, Garment, Apparel, Box, Boxes, Hat , Storage, Shelving, Mobile, Shelves, Shelf, Cabinet


Optimize Storage of Your Wardrobe and Maximize the Room Space with Montel’s Customized Storage Systems

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Residential, Office, Storage, Shelving, File, Folder, Books, Box, Boxes, Documents, Filing, High Density Filing Storage Systems, Compact Filing, Office Storage, Office Mobile Storage, Office Shelving

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