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Retail Mobile Shelving Storage

Configure Your Store’s Shelving and Racking to Meet Your Diverse Storage Needs with Montel’s High-Density, Market-Leading Systems


The retail world is extremely competitive. With new stores opening and remodeling all the time, you can never rest on your laurels; you must constantly strive to differentiate yourself from the competition. That’s why you seek excellence in all areas of your business: quality customer service, effective marketing, attractive displays. To give yourself another advantage that can help distinguish you from the rest of the market, you should also expect excellence when it comes to storage.


As global leaders in the storage industry with decades of experience serving our customers, Montel is the best in the business when it comes to configurable retail shelving and racking. Carefully designed to optimize space in your warehouse or stock room, our comprehensive product line includes modular, expandable and customizable options that give you the flexibility to rearrange your storage areas as needed, time and again.


Whether large-scale or compact, the intelligent design of our high-density mobile and stationary systems will halve the space occupied by your storage items, no matter what area of retail you’re in. Department stores, apparel/clothing stores, shoe stores, home furnishing stores, auto vehicles, parts & services: we reduce wasted space for all of them and much more.


Discover new square footage you didn’t know you had and reap the benefits in terms of better service and more sales with Montel’s configurable, space-saving solutions. We’re the one-stop shop for all your retail storage needs.


Apparel/Clothing, Shoes Stores, Hardware Stores, Optical/Eyewear Stores


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Shoe Stores

Custom-fitted to suit the specific needs of retailers, Montel’s high-density, configurable solutions...

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