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Mobile Shelving Storage For The Food Industry

Food Industry Mobile Shelving Storage

The food industry is always facing the challenge of how to protect and preserve inventory. Shelving and storage systems play a major role in getting that preservation process right.


A recipe for flexibility

Our food has many different flavours, of course, but also so many different shapes and sizes. That variety can make storage a challenge, but a good shelving and storage system provides a simple and effective solution! In addition to keeping products in their place, shelving and storage systems can be customized to meet any and all needs. In a snap, they can adapt to frozen, fresh or canned foods.


Respecting  health standards

With fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that health and hygiene conditions are met. Montel shelving and storage systems keep foods secure and limit any kind of contact with other foods or possible pathogens that could lead to contamination. Knowing that a product was stored under the best conditions, the consumer can be confident about quality. Furthermore, a customized storage system prevents damage to packaging, keeping food from spoiling prematurely. By ensuring products are in good shape until the point of sale, the food industry is also avoiding unnecessary financial losses.


“Where’s that banana?!”

To be profitable, wholesalers and franchises in the food industry must be well-organized, which can be achieved by using the best shelving and storage systems. In addition to preserving products, storage systems allow employees to easily find products in the warehouse. Imagine that you’re at the supermarket and there aren’t any bananas. You ask the clerk to check if there are some in stock. If they return in a flash, there’s undoubtedly a logical storage system in place and that employee knew exactly where to look. With an efficient system, food products will make it quickly to the customer’s grocery cart - and soon enough, to the kitchen table!


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