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Safety and security technology powering mobile shelving

SafeAisle Mobile Shelving Storage

Safety and security can never be underestimated when investing in new mobile shelving storage equipment. Overburdened shelves create a major risk for employees should they collapse under the weight of an out-of-control inventory. Moreover, broken products can both cut away at company potential revenue and expend extra resources to facilitate proper cleanup.


That said, many shelving and storage suppliers say they work to protect both company resources and employees, but never truly innovate their products. Montel, on the other hand, has integrated cutting-edge technology to their product line, not only revolutionizing the ways you think about storage, but creating a safe and secure environment for your commercial or personal assets.


"There is no way to deactivate SafeAisle or SAFERAK protection, either intentionally or by accident."


LED Guard Technology makes powered mobile shelving / racking foolproof

 What happens when electrified mobile storage modules are told to close when a person or a product is in the aisle? Absolutely nothing, and that's the way it should be.

SafeAisle or SAFERAK is powered by LED Guard Technology, an infrared detection system that can tell whether people or fallen items are in the vicinity of closing units. Should the advanced sensors indicate an obstruction, the motorized carriages on which the storage modules are mounted will not activate. For added measure, there is no way to deactivate SafeAisle or SAFERAK protection, either intentionally or by accident.

Safe mobile storage gives owners a little piece of mind while avoiding costs related to employee injuries or damaged goods.


Remote monitoring software improves productivity, security and logistics

 Every SafeAisle and SAFERAK storage system and installation can also come with the optional ePulse remote monitoring software. Though mobile storage modules can come equipped with key lock or digital PIN pads for restricting unwanted access, remote monitoring takes security to the next level.

Remote monitoring collects data on how their accompanying mobile storage systems operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Through this virtual portal, owners and operators can program modules to lock and unlock depending on their businesses' hours of operation. They can also manage a number of different security features like PIN numbers.


Security through ePulse remote monitoring software does much more than manage inventory - it can also increase productivity. This program can analyze data on how frequently certain modules are opened and work with owners to map out the most efficient storage system possible. With the collected data, it is easy to identify the most frequently solicited aisles so they can be programmed to remain opened by default. Users won't have to wait for aisles to open.


On-site security hookup centralizes asset protection

 Security measures work best when they're synced together with all other alarm systems throughout a facility. Powered mobile storage units provide users with a building alarm interface that can connect to fire and security alarms already being used. By tying all these disparate security methods into a single, unified network, businesses can approve on-site environmental awareness by simply adding more modern shelving solutions.

Companies shouldn't have skimp on security or safety when selecting a new high-density storage system. Montel's innovative technology gives customers both, along with more shelf space and a smaller footprint that traditional storage options.




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