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Locker Storage: Montel is the Go-To Option for Durable, Functional Lockers Designed for Diverse Applications, from Schools to Police/Military Facilities


From school athletic facilities to police stations, lockers are an indispensable storage tool for a wide variety of fields. But whatever the application, they have one thing in common:  the desire to store more items in less space. To help you successfully meet this challenge, Montel has a full line-up of locker solutions to fit your needs.


At Montel, we recognize that there is no single locker to suit all environments. That’s why we have applied our expertise in the storage field to create various lockers that address different priorities. Here are a few examples:

• For reliable, economical storage in school corridors, athletics facilities, staff rooms and the like, our Lincora and Nova Line 50 Series single-point latch and Liberty Line 53 Series three-point latch lockers are excellent choices. All-welded for maximum durability, they are simple to install and easy to maintain, with various configurations available, such as single, double or multiple tiers, one to three columns, and recessed or wall-mounted options.  

• For tougher environments, our Heavy Duty one- and three-point latch lockers offer highly resistant, built-to-last storage made from 16-gauge steel.

• Another exceptionally durable option is our Tactical Lockers, which incorporate various features aimed at meeting the functional needs of military and law enforcement environments. These include a lockable drawer and compartment, bench, hook for body armor, interior and exterior perforations for superior ventilation, and much more.


The possibilities don’t stop there. We can also custom-make lockers to tailor them even more precisely to your needs. For police forces, for instance, our multi-purpose lockers can be adapted to accommodate your layout and enhanced with specially adapted accessories.


Lock your sights on superior locker storage with Montel’s durable, functional, customizable solutions.


Lockers, Police Storage Lockers, Tactical Storage Lockers, Evidence Storage Lockers, Athletic Storage Lockers, Corridor Storage Lockers, Locker Rooms, Mine Lockers


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