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  • Art Racks, Art Panels, Screen, Mesh, Storage
  • Art Racks, Art Panels, Screen, Mesh, Storage
  • Art Racks, Art Panels, Screen, Mesh, Storage
  • Art Racks, Art Panels, Screen, Mesh, Storage
  • Art Racks, Art Panels, Screen, Mesh, Storage
  • Art Racks, Art Panels, Screen, Mesh, Storage

Storage Panels: Achieve More Effective Storage of Paintings and Other Objects with Montel’s Mobile, Easy-Access Sliding Rack Systems


Storage of paintings, art works and the like used to be a major challenge for museums and galleries. It could be difficult to carefully and efficiently store large objects of varying heights, widths and weights—but not any more, thanks to Montel’s sliding mobile art rack systems, which make trouble-free, effective management of paintings a reality.


Each of our mobile panel systems is a tour de force of art storage. Their double-sided panels make sure there is room for as many paintings as possible, while preventing them from rubbing together. Retrieval could not be simpler. The sliding racks are painstakingly designed to move back and forth smoothly and dampen vibrations. Multiple panels can be opened at once, so you’re not restricted to one rack at a time. And storage is not limited to paintings: consider Montel’s mobile panels for other objects that are difficult to stack or shelve, such as tools and masks.


For small collections with limited space, ModulArt™. is a stand-alone product on wheels that enables you to add more modular units as your needs grow. For larger areas where relocating the collection is not an issue,  install our Mobile Storage Panels or Floor-Mounted Pull-Out Storage Panels to make more effective and dynamic use of your space. If you prefer not to have rails underfoot or make modifications to your existing floor, opt instead for Ceiling-Suspended Pull-Out Storage Panels.


Facilitating management of collections and helping to prevent costly damage, Montel’s sliding art rack panels have become the storage system of choice for many renowned museums and galleries. They are the state of the art when it comes to art storage.


Art Racks, Ceiling, Panel, Art, ModulArt, Art Panels, Screen, Mesh, Pull-Out, Ceiling Suspended, Mobile Storage Panel, Art Storage


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