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MutilMedia Cabinet Storage | CDs | DVDs | Blu-Rays | Tapes

  • Multimédia, Rangement, Cabinet, Multi-Média, Compact Disque, Disque Blu-Ray, DVD, Cassette Sauvegarde, VHS, Beta, Vidéo
  • MultiMedia, Storage, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Tape, VHS, Beta, Doors, Drawer, Tray, Safety, Secure, Cabinet
  • MultiMedia, Storage, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Tape, VHS, Beta, Doors, Drawer, Tray, Safety, Secure, Cabinet

Multimedia Storage: Organize Your Audio, Video and Electronic Media the Right Way with Montel’s Stand-Alone, Fixed Cabinets Equipped with Handy Pull-Out Drawers


Using the wrong storage systems for audio, video and electronic media such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, discs, tapes, HD-DVDs and VHS/Beta videotapes is inefficient and inconvenient. To organize these items the right way, you need the right system: you need Montel’s remarkable MultiMedia cabinets.

Each of these specially designed products is a stand-alone fixed unit—which can also be mounted on Montel’s mobile carriage systems to boost your capacity. The MultiMedia, on the other hand, provides you with horizontal pull-out drawers only. In either case, they make management of audio-visual materials simpler and more efficient.  

The 12 pull-out drawers in the enclosed cabinet structure slide smoothly open and closed, granting ready access to your storage items—while also making sure that every corner of the storage space is usable. To further suit your needs, they can be locked for purposes of security, confidentiality and so forth.

The shelves are adjustable in intervals of less than an inch; as a result, you can customize each cabinet for the storage items of your choice. Whatever format your original or backup audio, video and electronic media are in, MultiMedia can make space for them. And by introducing optional accessories such as card holders, dividers and supports, you can manage the organization of stored materials more precisely.

For companies, institutions, archive centers and other environments seeking to keep large quantities of audio, visual and electronic media without taking up an excessive amount of room, MultiMedia cabinets hold the answer. These economical solutions will put your CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, HD-DVDs and VHS / Beta videotapes where they belong.


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