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Working together is often the difference between failure and success… For Montel, a pioneer of high density storage systems in North America, this has never been so true.


Montel is, in fact, the only company to provide all the support you need to realize your projects as quickly as possible, absolutely free. From the development of your initial plans to final installation, from our visit to your facilities to the training of your installers, from the most specialized specifications to inserting the last bolt, our experienced team will skilfully guide you through all the critical stages of your creation process (construction, restructuring, renovation, etc.).


Is distance a problem? It doesn’t have to be! Montel provides you with its unique software enabling you to include and view your future storage system in the space you have reserved. You can restructure, move and modify your system any time. In addition to a direct entry into the universe of Montel, you are assured a personalized follow-up.


When you put your trust in Montel, you can rely on more than its unique expertise. There is the security of knowing that there is a team of specialists available to you at all times.


Your greatest challenge is to achieve your goals. Our greatest concern is your success!


Centro de diseño