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Asistencia Médica

Healthcare Hospital Surgical Mobile Shelving Storage

  • Hospital, Surgical, Speciality, Material, Supplies, Accessory, Equipment, Supply, Mobile, Shelving, Storage, Shelves, Shelf, Powered, Movable
  • Hospital, Surgical, Speciality, Material, Supplies, Accessory, Equipment, Supply, Mobile, Shelving, Storage, Shelves, Shelf, Powered, Movable

Keep Your Hospital’s Surgical Supplies and Equipment as Clean and Tidy as Your OR with Montel’s High-Density Shelving Storage Systems


Imagine being in the middle of open-heart surgery and not being able to find your forceps.  Or having to replace the entire set of brand-new hemostats because of damage from bleach. It’s unthinkable—which is why proper maintenance and storage of surgical tools and related equipment is of the utmost importance in maintaining a functional and efficient operating room.


Trust Montel’s industry-benchmark storage systems to make sure you know where everything is when you need it and ensure all your instruments are in good working condition. We offer a broad spectrum of shelving systems to upgrade surgical and specialty care supplies, materials, accessories and equipment storage at your hospital.


Our products can facilitate the proper storage and administration of your delicate and expensive surgical supplies, providing you with more secure organization of vital tools and implements as well as making it easier to manage inventory. As a result, you can focus on delivering critical patient care—instead of worrying about where something is, or whether you have it at all.


Large-scale, high-density solutions like rolling Mobilex® carriages are ideal if you have a lot of materials; for items that are difficult to accommodate with standard-sized shelving, the versatile 4-D Wide Span is an excellent solution. For security purposes, our products also feature various safety and security functions—an important consideration in high-pressure hospital settings. 


Our systems are the healthcare industry leader when it comes to making more productive use of your space to optimize the storage of surgical instruments, supplies, accessories, materials and equipment. For solutions that handle storage with surgical precision, Montel is the smart choice.


Equipo, Material, Suministrar, Accesorio, Quirúrgico, Especialidad


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