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Atlético / Deportes

Soccer Mobile Shelving Storage | Soccer Shelving

  • Football, Soccer, FIFA, Equipment, Supply, Mobile, Shelving, Storage, Shelves, Shelf, Powered, Movable, Soccer Equipment Mobile Shelving Storage, Soccer Storage
  • Football, Soccer, FIFA, Equipment, Supply, Mobile, Shelving, Storage, Shelves, Shelf, Powered, Movable, Soccer Equipment Mobile Shelving Storage, Soccer Storage

Optimize and Customize Storage of Equipment and Supplies for Your FIFA Soccer Club with Montel’s Leading-Edge, High-Density Storage Systems


When the game is on the line, it’s essential to have your top-performing players on the pitch, to have an intelligent strategy and to be able to make the right play at the right time. At Montel, we believe similar principles apply to storage: you need to have systems that give you the best performance possible in terms of capacity, that are intelligently designed and that can be customized to provide the right storage for your needs.

That’s why, for professional FIFA soccer or football teams, Montel’s industry-leading mobile and stationary shelving and racking systems are the league leader when it comes to storage that achieves the highest levels of excellence. Whether it’s a large-scale movable carriage or a compact cabinet or shelving product, Montel has a storage solution that can be tailored to meet your organizational needs, both on the field and in the office.

Our fixed and movable systems will make sure that all your soccer gear is carefully and efficiently racked and shelved. Whether it’s balls, shin-pads, boots or uniforms, we can accommodate it. And since the running of a professional FIFA soccer or football franchise is by no means limited to what happens on the field, you can also use Montel’s products to handle other storage needs, such as files and supplies for your office area.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the storage field, developed over decades, Montel’s versatile and intelligent systems are to storage what Lionel Messi is to soccer: the ultimate standard by which others measure themselves. Use them to put together an unbeatable storage line-up.


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