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Fuerzas armadas

Military Department of Defense Mobile Shelving Storage

  • Department of Defense, DOD, File, Record, Folder, Binder,Box, Tools, Material, Pallet, Supply, Equipment, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker
  • Department of Defense, DOD, File, Record, Folder, Binder,Box, Tools, Material, Pallet, Supply, Equipment, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker

Defend Your Bottom Line with Montel’s High-Density Filing, Shelving and Racking Systems That Organize DoD Files, Supplies and Equipment More Efficiently


The Department of Defense is entrusted with the vital mission of protecting national security. But, like all areas of government, however important its work may be, it does not operate free of fiscal restraints. As is the case for other departments and agencies, the DoD must perform its duties in a cost-effective manner, by finding methods of making the most of the resources allocated to it.

Organizing your storage is one way of running your department more efficiently, thereby reducing administrative costs and freeing up more room and resources for other key activities. In this area, Montel delivers unsurpassed shelving, filing and racking solutions. We can optimize storage of all DoD files, records, folders, binders, boxes, tools, supplies, materials, pallets and equipment. Our intelligently designed systems reduce waste and overhead by reducing your storage square footage by 50% or more.

Another important benefit is that they enable you to control access and security more tightly than with conventional products. Montel’s products feature a variety of standard and extra functions that help you tailor them to suit your security requirements. For instance, we offer state-of-the-art digital lockers that use a fingerprint access system to restrict content retrieval to pre-approved personnel only. Or there’s our Cabinet Style shelving system, which can be used to safely file records, folders and binders, since both the entire unit and individual sections can be locked for added confidentiality.

Montel’s high-density storage systems are the gold standard for the public sector. They will help you organize your operations and trim overhead by storing more materials in less space. Trust them with all your files, records, folders, binders, boxes, tools, supplies, equipment and pallets. They’re the first line of defense when it comes to DoD storage.


Caja, Equipo, Expediente, Material, Paleta, Suministrar, Folder, Carpeta, Instrumentos, Archivo


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