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Residential Basement Mobile Shelving Storage

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Reduce Your Basement Storage Footprint with Montel’s High-Density, Configurable Shelving and Racking Solutions That Find the Perfect Fit for Your Residential Space.


At Montel, we believe a similar principle should apply to choosing storage systems. Any old system won’t do: you have to choose the one that’s the perfect fit for your needs and your space.


That’s why, inspired by our decades of experience in the storage industry, we have crafted a comprehensive line of products tailored to the specialized needs for residential. We have expert storage solutions for basement articles of all kinds. What’s more, our high-density movable and stationary products can handle whatever volume you need, whether a small room with limited square footage or a large-surface in your residential basement.


Since our storage systems are designed to improve organization and optimize space utilization, Montel’s leading-edge products will relieve the space squeeze in your home basement. 


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