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Seguridad Pública

State Public Safety Law Enforcement Mobile Shelving

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Optimize State Government Filing of Records, Folders and Archives with Montel’s Expandable High-Density Storage Solutions 


For busy state governments handling large volumes of documents while operating under strict budgets, intelligent storage of materials is a must. This helps ensure administrative efficiency and the ability to develop and handle growing needs. Montel has the answer: with our extensive range of mobile and stationary filing and shelving systems and cabinets, you can optimize and customize storage of files, folders, records, archives and much more to streamline your operations.

With Montel’s industry-leading storage systems, you can be confident of accurate, efficient record keeping for all your state documents. Thanks to the versatility of our product line-up, there’s sure to be a Montel solution for upgrading your filing and storage in all your departments, no matter how big or small they are, what kind of documents they need to store or how much material they have.

Large-scale, high-density solutions like rolling Mobilex® carriages will get the job done if you have a lot of space and a lot of documents; for lower volumes and more limited areas, the modular stand-alone Quadral system is a practical, smart option. What’s more, our products are designed to evolve as your needs change over time, so you can expand and reconfigure them to suit your circumstances.

The public administration benefits are many: enhanced conservation of space, reduced costs and maintenance requirements, consolidation of staff and files, more room for future expansion. Montel’s systems will upgrade your operations by making intelligent use of your space to save valuable time and resources in the storage of state government files, folders, records and archives. The bottom line? They will improve your bottom line. 


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