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Retail Car Dealers Tires and Wheels Mobile Shelving

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Optimize and Customize Shelving and Racking of Tires and Wheels at Your Tire Store with Montel’s Tailored Storage Systems to Improve Customer Service


At tire stores, intelligent management of tires, wheels and related parts is not a luxury. Items such as radial tires, tools, parts and rims need to be retrieved quickly in order to handle customer’s needs as efficiently as possible. The right storage system can make the difference between slow, inefficient service and prompt, productive service.


If it’s the latter you’re looking for, look no further than Montel’s mobile and stationary storage systems. Unlike standard storage and shelving products, Montel’s industry-leading systems have been painstakingly developed to maximize both capacity and versatility. They give you the leeway to customize storage to suit specific and unconventional items—including tires, wheels, radial tires, tools, parts and rims.


From large-scale rolling carriages to compact shelves and cabinets, Montel’s systems provide you with unmatched performance in the field of high-density shelving and racking of tire store tires and wheels. Optimizing racking and shelving of radial tires, tools, parts rims and so forth at your business will confer a host of benefits, among them more effective use of your space to enhance capacity and more rapid retrieval to cut down on waiting times and improve customer satisfaction.


Besides wheels, tires and other equipment, you can also apply Montel’s intelligent fixed and movable storage systems to take care of other organizational needs, such as filing of accounting and purchasing records.


The final result? Better productivity, better organization... better service. The bottom line for tire stores is that Montel’s systems are the best in the field for tires, wheels, radial tires, tools, parts, rims and other storage items—and they will improve your bottom line.


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