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Retail Shoe Stores Mobile Shelving Storage

  • Shoe, Shoes, Box, Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Locker
  • Shoe, Shoes, Box, Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker
  • Shoe, Shoes, Box, Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker
  • Shoe, Shoes, Box, Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker
  • Shoe, Shoes, Box, Boxes, Shoe Boxes, Storage, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Locker

Reduce Your Shoe Store’s Storage Footprint with Montel’s High-Density, Configurable Shelving and Racking Solutions That Find the Perfect Fit for Your Space


When buying shoes, it’s important to find something that’s comfortable. The materials and design matter, but it has to fit just right. It’s simple common sense. At Montel, we believe a similar principle should apply to choosing storage systems. Any old system won’t do: you have to choose the one that’s the perfect fit for your needs and your space.


That’s why, inspired by our decades of experience in the storage business, we have crafted a comprehensive line of products tailored to the specialized needs of retailers. We have expert storage solutions for goods and merchandise of all kinds—including all your shoes and boxes. What’s more, our high-density movable and stationary products can handle whatever volume you need, whether you’re a small boutique with limited square footage or a large-surface retailer.


Since they’re designed to halve your shoe storage footprint and consolidate your warehouse or stock room merchandise, Montel’s leading-edge products will streamline your inventory management. The time and space you save can be put to profitable use in delivering better service to your customers.


And because we know that retail environments are not static, our systems offer you the freedom to configure them again and again to suit your evolving needs. As an example, our compact Cabinet Style units will efficiently store your shoe boxes, and thanks to their user-friendly, stand-alone design, they can easily be relocated should you want to reconfigure your layout; you can also add more units to handle more stock if your business expands.


Take a step forward with Montel’s solutions—the retail business leader when it comes to shoe storage. Our high-density systems enable convenient, flexible inventory management of all your shoes and boxes, helping you to stamp out inefficient storage.


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