We are ready to rise up to your space saving challenges. We develop and manufacture a line-up of best-in-class high-density systems dedicated to a host of industries. From indoor vertical farming to automotive and aircraft parts, and from retail to sport gear, optimize any storage needs while recovering floor space with customized and adapted solutions, wether you choose mobile, static or mecanichal-assist systems.

Product Saferak 32 by Montel

Why choose montel Storage Solutions?

get results from your square feet: Fast ROI

Why choose montel

Save at least 50% of your value generating space

work with storage-savvy experts

Why choose montel

we manufacture the one and only solution: the best one

total offer customized to your needs

Why choose montel

We will go to any weight, length, depth, width or height

better organize your skus

Why choose montel


What about reducing your space by 50%?

Maximize and optimize your current space with Montel mobile storage systems and generate awesome results from your cubic footage.

  • Save time and money
  • Increase security
  • No need to relocate
  • Better organize your items
Mobilize to Maximize

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