Meet Frédérik: Inside Sales Coordinator at Montel 

When Inside Sales Coordinator Frédérik Landry-Simard isn’t hitting the gym or hitting the slopes on his snowboard, he’s keeping active at work.

As a Montel ISC, Fred is always on his feet, collaborating with distributors and customers on their storage projects. He helps customers around the world by guiding them toward the right products for the job, perfecting their layouts, and keeping track of all the logistical details that make an installation successful.

If preparing, transporting, and installing storage equipment wasn’t enough of a challenge, don’t forget about the product itself. Montel storage solutions, from small residential mobile storage systems to immense HI-BAY industrial racking, are almost always custom built for the customer’s space restrictions, adding a layer of intricacy to any project.

So how do you standardize project management for a product that is anything but standard? When in doubt, Fred falls back on his experience as a former carrier dispatcher and a parts manager for a combine and harvester manufacturer. 

“The key,” he said, “is to stay calm, communicate, and have an open-minded attitude.”

Fred fondly remembered an installation that did not fully go according to plan. On their way to a large-scale build, five trucks full of shelving components were scheduled to arrive out of order, which could have delayed the project. Once Fred discovered the issue, he immediately jumped on the phone with client, the shipping provider, the installation technicians, and a local Montel distributor to formulate a plan. His quick thinking saved the project from going off the rails.

Fred doesn’t back down from complex projects; in fact he loves them. His preferences were shaped by his very first project at Montel, nearly two years ago: HI-BAY library shelving installed at the University of Arkansas.

“I really enjoy working on HI-BAY projects. Each project is different and challenging, and we’re talking about huge custom projects.”

Apart from the biggest, most intricate storage projects, Fred also enjoys all the installations that Montel has done for professional sports teams—the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the New York Yankees, and the University of Wisconsin Badgers. Although features such as mechanical brakes set Montel’s storage equipment apart, he believes that it’s the timeless, professional look of a finished Montel storage system that makes the difference to his clients.

“Who knows,” Fred said with a laugh, “maybe we’ll have the first shelving unit on Mars!”

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