Montel, a global leader of high-density mobile storage shelving system solutions for office, institutional and industrial applications, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract by the University of Toronto (UofT) to provide designed and engineered shelving systems for the University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) Downsview Expansion Shelving project in Toronto, ON.

In 2005, UTL opened a high-density storage and preservation facility at the centrally-located Downsview Campus site. Seeking efficient ways to meet growing demands from students for more study and collaborative learning space in libraries and to improve student access to high-use materials, UTL joined other large academic libraries in North America in implementing a shared print-repository as a solution.

The awarded contract to Montel will include the design, supply and install of three bays of complete free standing shelving systems capable of accommodating one million books per bay. In order to maintain the shelving layout and number of aisles as based on a shelf section of 53 ½” x36”, the shelving system design will address 26 shelves high depending on the box size to be accommodated. Upright posts are to be 32’-6” high. Shelves shall be manufactured as per the existing system and shall be of steel construction providing a smooth surface on which to slide book trays or archives boxes. The shelving system will be designed to accommodate in-rack sprinklers within shelving system for fire protection. The shelving system design will meet seismic zone requirements in accordance with Ontario Building Code for place of work.

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected by the University of Toronto to supply our high bay storage shelving for the Downsview expansion project,” mentioned Yves Belanger, Canadian National Sales Manager at Montel. “Montel has longstanding presence in the Canadian academic library market and a well-known library and archives off-site storage expertise. We are proud to use that know-how and experience to support the University of Toronto in meeting their storage and retrieval needs”.

The design of the Downsview off-site storage facility and its operational program was based on that of facilities already in place at institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Ohio State Universities, as well as several other universities with large research libraries, located in similar climates. Low-use materials from all UofT libraries are transferred, weekly, and access to the entire collections is provided by an online request services, supported by a daily courier.


Established in 1924, Montel Inc. is the pioneer of high-density mobile shelving storage system solutions in North America. Manufacturer of products for business, industrial, education, library, museums, healthcare, public safety, government, and military applications, Montel’s achievements include some of the most prestigious projects in North America and around the world. Family-owned and privately held, the company serves clients through a network of Authorized Montel Distributors throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. To learn more about Montel and/or for a no-obligation space storage analysis, contact us at 877-935-0236 or

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Fundada en 1924, Montel es una empresa de especializada en el diseño y la fabricación de sistemas de almacenamiento de alta densidad para una multitud de mercados, incluyendo bibliotecas y museos, pero también almacenes industriales, comercio minorista, educación, salud, seguridad pública, deportes y cultura vertical interior de alta densidad.

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