Montel, a pioneer of high-density mobile storage shelving system solutions for office, institutional and industrial applications, today announced that WIRED™, its newly designed user-friendly high-density powered mobile storage system, was honored at this year's IIDEX/NeoCon Canada in winning a Silver Award in the Files & Storage category.

Sponsored by Interior Designers of Canada, Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. and Canadian Business Magazine, the IIDEX/NeoCon Canada Product Innovation Awards honour excellence in design, creativity and the achievement of a long list of criteria including: problem solving, budget strategy, and environmental responsiveness and marketing issues among others.

"It is an honour for Montel to receive this prestigious design award," mentioned Jerome Doucet, President and CEO of Montel. "For the commercial interiors and the built environment, Montel understands the importance of offering an upscale high-density powered mobile storage system that optimizes space utilization, while reducing operating costs. We are very appreciative of the jurors for recognizing the WIRED™'s inherent design flexibility and distinctive sophisticated looks."

Designed to provide innovative storage and filing solutions for modern workspace environments, Montel's new WIRED™ high-density powered mobile storage system provides greater storage capacity of existing storage space. With refined aesthetic and inherent design flexibility, the WIRED™ high-density powered mobile system allows optimized space utilization & storage capacity, enhanced safety/ security features, distinctive functionality and appearance unlike any other mobile storage line.

The WIRED™ powered system offers the flexibility to design a system that will solution today's modern workspace environment storage and filing needs with state-of-the-art options permitting reconfigurations and future upgrades for tomorrow's evolving space storage needs. The WIRED™ powered system provides the end-user with the flexibility to select innovative design and security features, unique configurations not typically found on powered systems, along with a wide array of programmable options that answer specialized and customized storage needs.

Thriving on continuous innovation, the WIRED™ high-density powered mobile storage system offers not simply product component enhancements, but 2 significant feature innovations with the PowerTrack™ and the ePulse™. In an effort to improve sustainable workspace environments, the PowerTrack™ was developed by a team of designers and engineers to optimize space conservation by concealing the power wiring in the floor tracks, thus eliminating dangling scissor arms or pantographs between the mobile units, resulting in greater space conservation and unparalleled visual aesthetics in the commercial interiors and the built environment. To provide additional reliability and safety to the WIRED™ powered system, the ePulse™ was developed to allow end-users to manage remotely the mobile system and monitor the behavior of the system. "When Montel's team of designers and engineers were working on developing the WIRED™ powered system, other that flexibility and innovation, user-friendly and safety features were key technical goals to be achieved," explained Pascal Gagnon, Engineering Products Manager at Montel.

Recognizing the importance of manufacturing upscale products that meet and exceed environmental standards while focusing on green-building initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable workspace environment, the WIRED™ high-density powered mobile storage system was developed to comply and exceed environmental standards and provide a long useful life. For its 100% fully recyclable product components, Montel uses powder coat paint, which is durable and non-off gassing. Montel uses low V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compound) paints to reduce air pollution thus releasing negligible and the lowest emissions of V.O.C. possible. The waste from our coating operation is recyclable and collected for treatment according to government and state regulations. The WIRED™ powered system can assist projects not only in earning a LEED rating, but also maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts.

For the commercial interiors and the built environment, the WIRED™ high-density powered mobile storage system proposes several trendy design features in storage solutions with its customizing possibilities. To achieve distinctive sophisticated looks and blend harmoniously with the interior design, the WIRED™ powered system is offered in extensive appealing colors and finishing materials that will enhance its fine aesthetics and functionality. To stylish finish the steel shelving product components, Montel's Fashion Forward Designer Series (Perforated Steel Panel Series and Urban Panel Series) allows the WIRED™ powered system to harmonize with other office furniture in today's modern workspace environment. "The WIRED™ powered system's distinctive appearance, unlike any other mobile storage line, brings a new standard to the interior design marketplace," said Joey P. Boudreau, Montel's Marketing Director. "To solution today's modern workspace environment storage and filing needs, the WIRED™ powered system has the capability to complement an organization's workplace with different looks for different settings".

About Montel:

Established in 1924, Montel Inc. is the pioneer of high-density mobile shelving storage system solutions in North America. Manufacturer of products for office, institutional and industrial applications, Montel’s achievements include some of the most prestigious projects in North America and around the world. The company serves clients through a network of authorized dealers throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. To learn more about Montel and/or for a no-obligation space storage analysis, contact us at 877-935-0236 or

Fundada en 1924, Montel es una empresa de especializada en el diseño y la fabricación de sistemas de almacenamiento de alta densidad para una multitud de mercados, incluyendo bibliotecas y museos, pero también almacenes industriales, comercio minorista, educación, salud, seguridad pública, deportes y cultura vertical interior de alta densidad.

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