Montel, a global leader of high-density mobile storage shelving system solutions, is pleased to announce that it has recently completed the library collections storage renovation project for the David D. Acker Library & Knowledge Repository (Defense Acquisition University) in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

In conjunction with Douron, Inc., the exclusive Authorized Montel Distributor serving Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia, this compact library shelving contract was for the supply and installation of Montel’s SafeAisle® high-density powered mobile storage system and Aetnastak® cantilever library shelving systems.

“Montel is very pleased to have successfully completed the David D. Acker Library renovation project with our latest innovative library high-density powered mobile storage solution,” said Joey P. Boudreau, Marketing Director at Montel. “In a collaborative effort with Douron, we installed cost-effective state-of-the-art compact storage product features offering safety, functionality and reliability.”

With Montel’s developed expertise and extensive experience for compact shelving in the educational & library industry, the Montel Group provided its latest powered technology mobile system to meet the David D. Acker Library storage and design need requirements. Setting new standards in safety, reliability and user-friendliness, SafeAisle® was installed with its complete aisle-detection LED Guard Technology. Totally passive requiring no conscious effort to activate the safety system, LED Guard Technology covering the whole aisle surface is present in each aisle. The safety system prevents any carriage movement if the system detects users or objects anywhere in the open aisle. Redefining safety, there is no RESET or STOP/RESET button on the movement controls. With the backlit red STOP signaling the presence of a user or object at either end of an aisle, there is no way to override the safety system with LED Guard Technology.

David D. Acker Library serves the faculty and staff of the Defense Acquisition University, a corporate university of the U.S. Department of Defense. The library's resources are focused on topics of interest to the defense acquisition, technology, and logistics workforce.


Established in 1924, Montel Inc. is the pioneer of high-density mobile shelving storage system solutions in North America. Manufacturer of products for office, institutional and industrial applications, Montel’s achievements include some of the most prestigious projects in North America and around the world. Family-owned and privately held, the company serves clients through a network of Authorized Distributors throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. To learn more about Montel and/or for a no-obligation space storage analysis, contact us at 877-935-0236 or

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Fondée en 1924, Montel est une entreprise spécialisée dans la conception et la fabrication de systèmes de rangement à haute densité destinés à une multitude de marchés, incluant les bibliothèques et les musées, mais également l’entreposage industriel, le commerce de détail, l’éducation, la santé, la sécurité publique, le sport et la culture verticale intérieure à haute densité.

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