Montel, a pioneer of high-density mobile storage shelving system solutions for office, institutional and industrial applications, today introduced WIRED™, its newly designed user-friendly high-density powered mobile storage system. Inspired and engineered to provide innovative storage and filing solutions for modern workspace environments, the innovative WIRED™ powered high-density mobile storage system significantly allows greater storage capacity of existing storage space. With refined aesthetic and inherent design flexibility, the WIRED™ powered system distinctive functionality and appearance is unlike any other powered high-density mobile storage system line.

“Montel is very proud today to introduce its new user-friendly WIRED™ high-density powered mobile storage system,” explained Jerome Doucet, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Montel. “At Montel, we recognize the importance of product innovation and storage efficiency. With the company’s extensive background in the electrical sector, and with its acquired experience for high-density powered mobile storage systems, we believe Montel’s WIRED™ powered system will raise the standards of performance and reliability in our industry like never before.”

Montel’s new versatile WIRED™ powered system offers enhanced flexibility to design a storage system that will solution today’s modern workspace environment storage needs with state-of-the-art safety, security, and operational options permitting reconfigurations and future upgrades for tomorrow’s evolving space storage needs. The WIRED™ system provides flexibility to select innovative design and security and safety features for maximum productivity and adaptability. “When Montel was developing its user-friendly WIRED™ powered system, reliability, safety, and security were primary elements that we wanted the end-users to experience while operating our systems,” said Doucet.

In a continuous improvement process to provide a high-quality storage product that meets the files and storage workspace environment needs and expectations of its clients, the WIRED™ powered high-density mobile storage system was developed with Montel’s highest standards of quality for performance and durability.

The WIRED™ powered system proposes several trendy design features in storage solutions with its customizing possibilities. To achieve distinctive sophisticated looks and blend harmoniously with the interior design, the WIRED™ powered system is offered in extensive appealing colors and finishing materials that will enhance its fine aesthetics and functionality. To stylish finish the steel shelving product components, Montel’s Fashion Forward Designer Series (Perforated Steel Panel Series and Urban Panel Series) allows the WIRED™ powered system to harmonize with other office furniture in today’s modern workspace environment. In addition, Montel’s Paneleon lighted option offers a visual and safe comfort lever for the end-users. “At Montel, our years of experience with the commercial interiors and the built environment have allowed us to develop a designer-friendly product offering for trendy end-users in our industry. We believe that our new and unique WIRED™ powered system will harmonize like no other high-density powered system in today’s modern wireless workspace environments,” mentioned Doucet.

Thriving on continuous product innovation solutions for today’s evolving storage needs in its marketplace, Montel’s new WIRED™ powered high-density mobile storage system offers the following enhancements to its existing powered system:

  • PowerTrack&trade. ( Patent No.: 6845721)
  • ePulse&trade.
  • Teach-in infrared proximity sensor.
  • Overhead aisle lighting.
  • Portable battery back-up override.

In an effort to improve sustainable workspace environments, the PowerTrack™ was developed by a team of designers to optimize space conservation in a wireless environment by concealing the mobile power wiring in the floor tracks, thus eliminating dangling scissor arms or pantographs between the mobile units, resulting in greater space conservation and unparalleled visual aesthetics in the commercial interiors and the built environment. To provide the end-users with additional reliability and flexibility once the WIRED™ powered system installed, the ePulse™ was developed to allow Montel and its network of dealers the capability to manage remotely the mobile system and monitor the behaviour of the system. Knowing that today’s end-user’s storage needs evolve, the ePulse™ offers option to reconfigure and upgrade various operational and technical configurations once installed.

Finally, in keeping with the company’s strong concern to environmental sustainability and space conservation, Montel recognizes the importance of manufacturing upscale high-density mobile storage systems that meets and exceeds environmental standards while focusing on green-building initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable workspace environment. “With today’s increased environmental awareness, it was important for Montel to take an integrated approach when designing its new WIRED™ powered system. As a commitment to protecting the environment, Montel is closely working to support the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program. Montel understands that the built environment has a direct impact on our natural environment, economy, health and productivity,” concluded Doucet.

As the single most important annual event for professionals involved in commercial interiors and the built environment, Montel will be exhibiting its newly designed WIRED high-density powered mobile storage system at this year's NeoCon World's Trade Fair in Chicago, IL on June 12-14, 2006. Visit Montel's Market Suite #7-4042 at the Merchandise Mart to learn more about the WIRED ™ powered system.

Montel’s WIRED™ powered system’s main features allows end-users to:

  • Optimize space utilization.
  • Maximize storage capacity.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Avoid renting or buying another building.
  • Accommodate growth.
  • Improve control, organization, productivity and workflow.
  • Control unauthorized access.


Established in 1924, Montel Inc. is the pioneer of high-density mobile shelving storage system solutions in North America. Manufacturer of products for office, institutional and industrial applications, Montel’s achievements include some of the most prestigious projects in North America and around the world. The company serves clients through a network of authorized dealers throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. To learn more about Montel and/or for a no-obligation space storage analysis, contact us at 877-935-0236 or

Fondée en 1924, Montel est une entreprise spécialisée dans la conception et la fabrication de systèmes de rangement à haute densité destinés à une multitude de marchés, incluant les bibliothèques et les musées, mais également l’entreposage industriel, le commerce de détail, l’éducation, la santé, la sécurité publique, le sport et la culture verticale intérieure à haute densité.

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