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University of Maryland, Department of Orthopaedics


University of Maryland Medical Center, Department of Orthopaedics


Columbia, MD, United States


Founded in 1823 as the Baltimore Infirmary, the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is one of the nation’s oldest academic medical centers. Located on the West Side of Downtown Baltimore, the Medical Center is distinguished by discovery-driven tertiary and quaternary care for the entire state and region and innovative, highly specialized clinical programs.

The UMMC's Department of Orthopaedics planned to open a new outpatient location to better serve its community and searched for the most efficient way to hold patient charts and X-rays. 


With a new location opening to serve multiple communities, the UMMC's Department of Orthopaedics wanted to be prepared to store new and existing patients’ files and X-rays while optimizing their storage space.


Douron, Inc., in conjunction with PLDA Interiors, designed a storage system to keep the footprint of filing space to a minimum while adding precious storage capacity to allow for additional flexibility in the future as the UMMC's Department of Orthopaedics storage needs would expand.


Douron, Inc. along with its manufacturer, Montel, Inc., furnished the following high-density storage solution:

- QuadraMobile mechanical mobile storage shelving system with modular floor

- SmartShelf® hybrid 4-post shelving system allowing for flexibility and adaptability to accommodate changing storage needs

- SmartShelf® hybrid 4-post X-ray storage shelving.


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