Insurance is a simple enough concept to grasp, but a single company may require millions of pieces of data to perform its job. To estimate policy costs, rate changes and deductibles, insurance companies and their underwriters assess countless bits of information to fulfill their requirements as well as meet their bottom lines. As such, reliable storage solutions offer a hand to an industry so entrenched in accumulating as much intelligence as possible. Smart insurance storage supplies company paperwork with affordable and practical shelving options to maximize any provider’s claims library.

“How an insurance provider collects, records and stores information ultimately dictates its efficiency.”

The changing nature of insurance information

 How an insurance provider collects, records and stores information ultimately dictates the efficiency of its operation. However, no two providers are alike. Some look to the cutting edge, trusting innovation to evolve their organizational techniques. Others prefer a time-tested system based on tried-and-true techniques for filing claims.

SmartShelf technology is right for both. Its versatile mechanics can scale organically to fit whatever insurers demand. They’re simple enough to reconfigure to adapt to in-house filing styles, but also flexible enough to update those styles in ways insurers might not have thought previously possible. No more settling for prefabricated shelving that makes businesses work around a limited design. Instead, insurers should think of shelving as another employee, who must meet the standards already set in place.

Additionally, as insurers begin processing more and more data, virtual indexes will eventually eclipse physical ones. However, hard copies will still have their place as a method for data recovery. As such, insurance providers may be looking for ways to shrink their overall filing space while leaving enough room for new technology. Mobilex mobile storage reduces an insurer’s filing footprint by 50 percent without compromising on access right when employees need it. The additional space can be used for servers, as well as an extra Mobilex unit or two to accommodate new business.

Balancing risk and reward with storage solutions

 Insurance is the business of risk assessment, not risk avoidance. Insuring a fancy motorcycle against theft doesn’t mean no one will try to steal it. Insuring a beach house against flooding won’t stop the tides from rising. No matter what kind of plan a policyholder has, it doesn’t protect him or her from disaster, just the financial burden in the aftermath. However, to keep those figures square, insurance companies have to do their best to protect and preserve customer data for as long as possible.

Smart insurance storage, however, can help insurers defend their interests against the ravages of time. By investing in shelving options with customizable, fitted attachments designed with an insurer’s unique business in mind, this opportunity ensures a company will be able to retain information year after year without worrying about degradation or misplaced claims. In turn, customers will never be left in a lurch after a tragedy befalls them, and insurance providers will never run the risk of losing clients because of disorganization.

Founded in 1924, Montel is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-density mobile storage systems for a multitude of markets, including libraries, museums, industrial warehousing, education, healthcare, public safety, military, sports and indoor vertical farming.

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