The human body is a well-oiled machine, a model for how you’d like your pharmaceutical company to operate. Meanwhile, to run like a clockwork, you first have to find the perfect balance for storing supplies and products in an efficient way.

The link between your company’s health and its storage system shouldn’t be underestimated. In an industry like pharmaceuticals, where innovation is paramount, you must be able to rely on cutting edge technology and efficient fixtures for your storage solutions. To achieve this, let’s explore the mobile and built-in storage units that are available.

A prescription for versatility

One of the first challenges for pharmaceutical companies is the range of storage needs that must be met. In addition to traditional shelving for office supplies and files, you must think about the expensive and fragile products that are part of your inventory.

These items cannot be stored in units that are shaky or unsafe! Like with medication, you must be able to trust a storage product 100%. Luckily, there are complete storage solutions, both mobile or built-in options, that have been designed specifically with pharmaceutical companies in mind. Whether your challenge is storing chemical products, laboratory equipment, or even work clothes, there is a storage solution ready to remedy the situation.

Being organized and productive guarantees success

Use the opportunity of updating and changing your storage system to review how you organize and operate within your workspace. Too often, getting through the daily to-do list means there isn’t a chance to consider the importance of planning out your storage needs. Meanwhile, establishing a logical system for storing supplies will lead to many advantages for your company: increasing efficiency among your staff, simplifying stock management, efficient use of space, etc.

Critical storage

As you know, the pharmaceutical industry must carefully store and stock its products. 

Medication, or their different components, must be protected from humidity and kept stable at certain temperatures. These products must also be categorized in a way that facilitates their use in an organized and timely manner, with attention to both supply and stock management, and respecting expiry dates. While maintaining the quality of products (hygiene, safety and storage conditions), the mobile and built-in storage solutions that you select must also be comfortable for your staff.

In conclusion, mobile or built-in storage is just what the doctor ordered for your pharmaceutical company. You will benefit from better stock management, as well as a logical and efficient system for organizing your products, archives and files.

Founded in 1924, Montel is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-density mobile storage systems for a multitude of markets, including libraries, museums, industrial warehousing, education, healthcare, public safety, military, sports and indoor vertical farming.

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