When John Adam entered the storage industry after college, he was allured by the sales training and the promise of a lucrative future.


And although he learned his trade well and gained valuable insight through experience, his desire for independence led him to start his own business: East Coast Storage Solutions.


As his new business was taking off, John had to select a manufacturing partner. His options before him, he sought guidance from a friend and confidante, who arranged a meeting with a Montel representative.


During a long and entertaining conversation, the Montel representative revealed that our manufacturing plant was located in Quebec, a province that holds a special significance to him and his family: his mother was born there.


“It felt like everything was coming full circle,” he said.


And after visiting the plant in Quebec, seeing the operation in action, and meeting all the wonderful people that make Montel possible, the rest is history.

Recently, John had a challenging project to take on: a client with a strong interest in mobile storage solutions and capital to spend. This is a blank canvas for experts like John, on which he could paint his masterpiece. He reclaimed static storage the company had already invested in and incorporated it into mobile solutions. John was able to repurpose their existing shelving by suggesting the right shelving accessories that could hold their equipment. He even added a mezzanine to the installation that would maximize space and improve operations.


But after measuring and measuring again, drawing out specs, and sending the order to Montel for production, panic set in. Had he goofed on the dimensions? Would all the supplies arrive on time? Would they arrive in the right order?


Short answer: everything turned out perfectly. The shipment arrived on schedule and to spec. (To John’s credit, it’s easy to be good at manufacturing storage solutions when you work with an Authorized Montel Distributor as knowledgeable and meticulous as he is.) 


“Everything fell into place,” John said. “It all went smoothly, and the customer is still happy with our work.”

John pours his soul into his business. Apart from hitting the gym, watching the newest Netflix series with his wife, and chatting with his kids, he spends most of his time after work figuring out how to get the most out of his next workday.


Because of his dedication, what started as a small, family operation is quickly taking off. These days, John serves all sorts of clientele. His major markets are biotech, libraries, and museums, not to mention federal and county governments. He’s no stranger to a GSA contract or a foreign embassy. He is also cultivating a burgeoning reputation in public safety and industrial markets.


How did he become such a jack-of-all-trades? Like others in the storage industry, John remembers a time not long ago when everyone thought digitization would upend the storage industry. But he read the cards right: no matter what happens, it was never about fretting over whether resources like paper files would go away forever. It’s always been about how to interpret your client’s immediate storage needs, whatever they may be, and respond with surprising solutions and best-in-class customer service.


“You got to get creative,” John said, “or that need is not going to come up.”

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