Scott Moll, sales manager of Vital Valt, an Authorized Montel Distributor, has been in the business of mobile shelving for more than twenty-four years. But if you asked his father, the newly retired company president, he’d tell you that Scott has been a dutiful employee since he was a kid.


Scott’s father used to pay him a nickel for putting together and labeling literature for customers. When an order for 10,000 came down from his dad, young Scott did the only thing a precocious kid with a future in sales could do:


“I ended up hiring my neighborhood friends. They came over to my house to help, and I made money off of them,” Scott said, laughing.

Scott’s first mobile storage projects taught him a lot about the diversity of the mobile storage customer base. Before managing the sales department at Vital Valt, he got his hands dirty disassembling and reassembling a mobile filing system for a Hollywood talent agency. As he took apart the installation and rebuilt it—there was something wrong that only a keen and careful eye could uncover—he debated whether to sneak a peek at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sensitive information.


(Don’t worry, Arnie, he didn’t!)


And when he came aboard his father’s team at Vital Valt, he was immediately assigned to the athletics department at the University of Southern California to spec out a mobile storage system for the school’s sports equipment. Even though it took him nearly three hours to finish his task—lots of pipes and drains to account for—he couldn’t help but marvel at the breadth of the mobile storage market.


“There are so many different businesses you can work with in this industry,” Scott said.

Now as sales manager, Scott and his team recently wrapped up an installation for San Manuel Casino in Highland California, which was in need of a better way of organizing the components of its slot machines and other supplies.


It was not a typical project, but Scott had a lifetime of experience that told him there was no such thing.


“I’m not just a filing specialist,” Scott said. “I’m not just a warehouse management specialist. I’m in the business of stuff. Whatever you have, I can figure out how to store it.”


His team was asked to install mobile storage in an angled room, which required each mobile storage carriage in the system to be a different length. And because it was a casino, they had to build under the watchful eye of about a dozen surveillance cameras.


“They really don’t want you messing with their slot machines,” he said, breaking out into laughter again. “It’s a federal offense.”

These days Scott splits his time between his career—drawing up specs in CAD, chatting with manufacturing reps and clients, visiting job sites—and his family. He’s a proud husband and father of three. He’s also a DJ who hopes to make the jump from in-person events to Twitch so fans everywhere can enjoy his love of house music, the hits of the 80s and 90s, and hip-hop.

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