When Véronique joined the Montel family in 2011, her first major task was to review the technical documentation for many of our legacy products.

Back then, our specs were not as polished as they are now. They lacked uniformity, and important details were literally lost in translation between the French and English versions.

Véronique knew she and her team could find a better way.

Together they developed MoSpecs, Montel’s very own in-house software for editing technical specifications. Through that version-control platform, Véronique was able to revise and centralize all of Montel’s technical documentation and simplify the editing process going forward. Since then, it’s been smooth sailing.

“I’ve always been keen to meet the people who work closely with our products.”

Quality is a game of balance, of knowing exactly when you’ve strayed too far or cling too closely. It’s difficult to be the person who calls those shots. Once, Véronique shut down production because a die punched one too many holes. That might seem minor, but she knew it weakened the structural integrity of the component. One small hole today could cause big problems tomorrow.

“It was very stressful!” Véronique says. “Our factory is made to operate at full speed, so you have to be sure of your decision before saying stop.”

Often quality assurance isn’t as straightforward as one errant hole punch, but truth be told, Véronique loves it when her quality team and other Montel employees come to her believing they’ve discovered errors.

Whether or not they find a true issue, it means her system is working. To perform her job as well as she does, Véronique isn’t shy about meeting with any department at Montel to get the facts straight and learn from the experts, her signature drink in hand: tomato juice.

These days, Véronique spends her time away from work in her lush home garden. Like their meticulous and determined mother, her five kids enjoy tending the plants and hunting for veggies to eat for dinner. While she is a healthy eater, Véronique will tell you herself that “it’s not about saving money or anything—we do it for fun!”

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