Jean-Yves began his career with Montel in 1995, where he worked on the factory floor. After three years of hands-on work, he left to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Degree in hand, he returned to Montel in 2000 as a drafting technician. He became an inside sales coordinator support technician in 2019.


As an ISC support tech, Jean-Yves will coordinate with his clients on the details of their installations, but his first step is always finding the right Montel product to act as the foundation.


“Sometimes it isn’t easy,” Jean-Yves said, “but it allows me to challenge myself and sometimes even improve the range of products that come from Montel.”


Jean-Yves was instrumental in its improvement of Montel’s museum storage cabinet. He and his co-workers designed and implemented sustainable processes for engineering hardware that prevents dust from entering the cabinetry, thus making the cabinets more appealing to museums and any other such organizations with valuable items to protect and preserve.


In fact, the late Michel Doucet, the former president and CEO of Montel, was so impressed with the work of technicians like Jean-Yves that he tasked them with improving the production of Montel’s SAFEAISLE powered mobile storage system. In the past these intricate systems took eight weeks to produce start to finish. Montel sought to reduce the production time without sacrificing quality. Thanks to the ingenuity of Jean-Yves and his co-workers, and a few ingenious changes to the product itself, Montel can now produce SAFEAISLE powered mobile storage systems to spec in half the time.

In the twenty-five years he’s been with Montel, Jean-Yves has witnessed a lot of change—sometimes he was integral to that evolution.


“I have seen the tools, the manufacturing methods, the improvement in performance and quality, in addition to a concern for ergonomics for the employees and respect for the environment,” he said.


But what he admires most about Montel and its storied 100-year history is that the company never rests on its laurels. It’s always on the lookout for ways to improve its products and its relationship with its customers and employees. Jean-Yves is proud to be living proof of that commitment to improvement, and Montel is endlessly thankful to have such a capable and imaginative ISC support technician in its family.


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