Maximizing Productivity in Manufacturing

According to one recent study of manufacturing executives found that:

  • 9 out of 10 believe that smart factory solutions will drive competitiveness through the end of the decade.
  • While the average delivery time for production materials has decreased from 100 days to 87, manufacturing executives are still looking to employ strategies to further reduce lead times, including digital transparency tools.

As an industry leader in manufacturing smart storage solutions, Montel has undergone a transformation of its own in order to shorten production time while engineering the most durable and reliable hardware in the industry.

Montel’s New Welding Robots

Montel has added two specialized welding robots to its production line, as well as two separate staging stations to maximize productivity.

The first is a Fronius TPS 500i welder mounted on a KUKA Cybertech KR8 R1620 HW robotic arm. Although this station was designed primarily for welding drawers and other small components for our Mobilex mobile storage systems, it can weld any assemblies smaller than four by eight feet.

The second is another Fronius TPS 500i welder, this time mounted on a KUKA Cybertech KR8 R2010 robotic arm. This robot will work on larger hardware, like our art racks, Aetna frames, and 4D shelving, as well as the beams, drawers, and trays that power the customization of our solutions.

We’ve split this station into two discrete welding zones, each with their own positioning tech. While the welding robot is busy at one station, our teams can prepare the other for its next task.

Montel has always been dedicated to crafting the very best storage and vertical farming solutions for our customers, and we hope that these new additions to our manufacturing operations will continue that legacy, whatever the future holds for the sector.

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