Better utilization of storage space

The promise of Montel mobile storage is a simple one: to better utilize your storage space to maximize its value.

The collapsible, accordion-like design of a mobile shelving or racking solution provides two major benefits:

  • Looking to save space? Store the same inventory in a smaller footprint and reclaim the remainder for other purposes.
  • Looking to store more? Add mobile storage shelving and eliminate static aisles for more storage capacity in the same footprint.

Either way, your mobile storage solution will immediately begin paying for itself. But the ROI doesn’t stop there.

Better organization and SKU management

Time is money, and disorganized storage can turn any shift into the world’s worst (and most expensive) Easter egg hunt.

Disorganization isn’t necessarily a managerial problem. Traditional static shelving can force users to store things in ways they’d prefer not to. But when your shelving doesn’t adjust, easily or at all, what can you do?

Montel’s mobile storage solutions lead the industry in carrying capacity and adjustability (one-inch increments)—and that’s all before you consider how customizable these storage solutions can be.

With Montel, you store the way you want to, with SKUs and equipment and tools where you want them, saving you money every minute you’re in operation.

Better safety and security

Mobile storage solutions actively fight against workplace injuries, damaged goods, and theft.

All Montel mobile shelving solutions, mechanical assist and powered, are built with safety measures to prevent injuries and damage to fallen goods. Whether it’s push-button locks, aisle-length manual brake bars, or motion sensors, mobile shelving and racking won’t ever close until the aisles are totally clear.

And what about the carriages themselves? Our products are engineered with anti-tip technology for seismic prone areas. We proudly produce the strongest and sturdiest mobile storage in the market.

And with optional ePulse remote monitoring and control technology, administrators can lock, unlock, open, or close mobile storage carriages from a smartphone or tablet, either the whole system or select shelves or racks. What’s more, ePulse tracks who opened which part of the system and when for even more security.

Achieve fast ROI with Montel mobile storage

An investment in the right mobile storage is never a sunk cost. The best mobile storage solutions will not only make your money back in a flash. They will also empower your operations, support value-added opportunities, and prevent you from wasting money elsewhere.

For more information, reach out to your local Authorized Montel Distributor for a free, no-obligation consultation, including 2D and 3D renderings of your ideal storage system layout.

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