Before working for Montel, Tim was in high-tech sales and a sales representative for a competing distributor. What prompted him to join the fine team at Montel was that he saw the opportunity to increase market share for a range of quality products. The product he particularly likes is the BULK&ROLL. Its simplicity, ease of installation, high quality and low cost compared to other solutions, all contribute to making it a solid and well-received solution for bulky object storage applications.

When asked about his favorite project completed with Montel, he unquestionably mentions the storage of sports equipment and clothing for the San Jose Sharks. A great deal of time and effort went into ensuring that this project was well suited for the items to be stored, and with the addition of the team’s graphics on the panels, the finished product is quite impressive.

What he particularly appreciates about Montel is the high quality of their products, the wide range of options that can be adapted to almost any storage application, and the fact that he works with a competent and dynamic team. Tim looks forward to continuing to help Montel expand its market share and consolidate its reputation as a supplier of the best high-density storage solutions in the industry.

Tim Lujan is President of Smart Space Solutions, which distributes Montel products and specializes in providing innovative mobile shelving and storage solutions designed to optimize space utilization. The company offers a comprehensive range of customizable options, including mobile shelves and lockers, enabling their customers to maximize storage efficiency while maintaining easy access to their items. With their expertise, they help businesses and organizations of all sizes streamline their storage systems, eliminating wasted space and improving overall organization. Whether it’s a compact office setting or a large-scale warehouse, their solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs and specifications of each client.

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