High-risk or confidential

For some, the answer to the question of security and storage is an obvious one when what you store is sensitive, private, or potentially dangerous. Security is an extension of everyday use and operation because it absolutely has to be for the safety of others.

Montel has built custom mobile storage systems for governments, law enforcement agencies, militaries, and gun ranges. Confidential file storage, gun racks, and evidence lockers—they all necessitate the most secure systems possible, but Montel understands that any secure mobile storage solution must balance security with ease of authorized access.


Museums, art galleries, libraries, and other educational and conservational institutions have a duty to preserve information about the past, whether they oversee paper documents, rare books, textiles, sculpture, paintings, and beyond.

In these settings, mobile storage security is focused on climate control and limiting unauthorized access. Each interaction with an artifact has the potential to degrade in ways that go unnoticed to the naked eye—but not to the docents, curators, and archivists.

That’s why Montel outfits its mobile storage systems, many of which can withstand cold storage conditions, with the best tech for reducing moisture, leveling the temperature, cycling air, and monitoring access to any storage area, not to mention how the accordion design of mobile storage further limits unauthorized or unintentional contact.

Loss prevention

According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, the average cost of retail theft rose to more than $7,500.00 per reported incident in 2020—and to more than $1,500 per incident involving an employee.

To secure SKUs against theft or accidental damage, retailers and warehouses will want to apply the same principles of security discussed above: limiting unauthorized access and preserving what’s on the shelf.

Depending on what’s being stored, you likely will not need the same climate controls used to preserve tapestries from the fifteenth century or the enhanced security features of a public safety office at a correctional facility. But remote monitoring through Montel’s ePulse system can give retailers peace of mind knowing they have eyes on who accessed what and when.

Secure your storage with mobile storage solutions

Curious about how you can secure storage at your business, museum, or off-site facility? Reach out to your local Authorized Montel Distributor today.

Our specialists can help you find the best security options for your operations and even provide a free no-obligation consult, including 2D and 3D layout designs of your ideal mobile storage system.

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