We can demonstrate the many available configuration options of our products and their application to your storage requirements.

This can be accomplished at your office or ours, then quickly emailed to your attention. You can then import the layout into your CAD drawing software or you can simply export your CAD drawing to our attention and we will integrate our storage system layout into your file. We will email you your drawing file with all the necessary information for the success of your project.

Based on our expertise, this pricing and layout software can provide an accurate estimate of the man hours required to perform the installation of any specific Montel system. This software can also provide you with engineer calculations about floor loading. Furthermore, the main advantage of this system relies in the fact that it will think for you or anyone not too familiar with the complexity of high-density storage systems. It will make sure you avoid any possible system’s design costly error and layout mistake. No need to be fully knowledgeable in regards to building code regulations. The software will design a storage system taking into consideration the safety, fire codes and accessibility of the building of your client.

You can then go back to your customers with professional layouts, various configuration options, accurate estimates, engineer calculations and recommendations about floor loading. You can be ensured that your clients will be astonished by your knowledgeable assistance, your efficiency and your professionalism.

MoDraw Planner

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