There’s no denying that COVID-19 has put a damper on holiday travel this year. About seven out of ten Americans won’t travel for the winter holidays at all in 2020, and because of restrictions on social gatherings, half of all Canadians do not plan to entertain holiday guests.


But just because North Americans won’t be gathering in celebration doesn’t mean they won’t be traveling at all. A sudden snow storm or a patch of black ice can make even a trip to the grocery store risky without snow tires. No matter what, automotive repair shops and tire centers will continue serving their communities by selling snow tires that keep families safe on the road.


Are you a tire retailer looking to turn this unusual holiday season into a planning opportunity for 2021? Then consider whether a mobile racking system for tire storage is right for your business.

Save room or stock up safely

Whether you’re looking to store tires for sale or your customers’ standard tires during snow tire season, mobile racking solutions are built to save space and maximize your storage potential. Our RACK&ROLL 16MA and 16P mobile racking systems can store up to four tons of tires per bay, or eight tons of tires on our double-depth tandem models.


And why waste square feet on aisles if you don’t have to? Collapsible mobile racking technology shrinks your existing tire storage footprint. For expanding businesses, it can also effectively double your capacity. Either way makes it easier for tire retailers to store their products and their customers’ tires in existing storage spaces without worrying whether they have to invest in overflow warehousing or store tires in shipping crates sitting out in freezing lots.

Preserve tires (and your spine)

Store tires vertically, the way they’re meant to be stored. Automotive shops and tire centers that lack adequate storage hardware know what stacking tires can do to their shape and longevity. Avoid the hassle of replacing warped tires altogether by placing them on a mobile racking carriage designed to cradle each tire comfortably.


More importantly, mobile storage systems for tires encourage safety in the workplace by not only securely holding each tire. You can adjust their shelves to sit at the right ergonomic height so employees can carry out their duties without spending the holidays nursing a wrenched back or sore knees.

Stay organized, diversify, and capitalize

Speaking of adjustability, a mobile storage system wouldn’t be complete unless it offered tire retailers support for their operations and their diverse catalog of tires.


No special tools or calls to service professionals needed to adjust the shelves on Montel mobile storage solutions—just a little time and imagination. These systems were designed to change with you. No matter the size or width of your SKUs, you’ll have everything you need to store it properly.

The world is still turning, and with a little help from Montel’s innovative mobile tire storage solutions, tire retailers can better serve their communities and improve their businesses.

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Tire mobile racking systems

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