Businesses in the market for additional warehouse and e-commerce distribution centers are going to great lengths to secure vacant properties for their growing inventories.

According to CBRE, this year two dozen converted retail-to-industrial spaces will bring nearly 11 million square feet of warehousing to parts of the country where industrial vacancy rates have fallen below 5 percent. No doubt logistics companies near and far will bid hard for these new properties. After all, U.S. warehouse vacancy rates are the lowest they’ve been in two decades. A renovated big box store or shopping mall could mean the difference between having the space to continue expanding your business and having absolutely nowhere to go.

But what if the space those businesses need is right under their noses? What if they could recover storage space from the properties they already own without tearing down walls, erecting new spaces, or pulling resources away from what’s important?

Smarter storage, including versatile mobile storage solutions, can help those businesses struggling to find more space in a world of ever decreasing warehouse vacancy rates. But that’s only the start.

Founded in 1924, Montel is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-density mobile storage systems for a multitude of markets, including libraries, museums, industrial warehousing, education, healthcare, public safety, military, sports and indoor vertical farming.

For Supply Chain's Next Generation, Trust Mobile Storage

Increase your usable storage space

The collapsible design of mobile storage takes advantage of otherwise wasted aisle space, effectively reducing a storage footprint by half while doubling its capacity. For warehouse logistics and distribution companies, that means finding that sought-after storage space without paying exorbitant real estate and construction costs for brand-new facilities.

Protect your inventory

Whether you’re preserving your legacy goods or welcoming new SKUs to your operation, high-capacity mobile storage solutions have you covered. Heavy-duty mobile shelving and racking can hold up to 30,000 lb per bay, and the system’s collapsible design limits access and prevents loss. Optional ePulse add-ons can even let you see who’s open which aisle when, all from your smartphone or tablet device.

Control your climate

Looking for space-saving shelving or racking that can hold up in a climate-regulated environment? Our cold storage mobile storage solutions can properly store your perishable goods and sensitive materials in the right temperature, in the right humidity, and with the right ventilation. Better still, our systems can reduce your cold storage footprint and save on utility costs, which are often the highest operating costs warehouses contend with.

Evolve with the times

This will not be the last time warehousing or the logistics industry will undergo great change, so be prepared to hold anything and everything with efficiency and style by investing in versatile storage technology. Our mobile shelving and racking systems are fully customizable—height, width and depth—and shelf adjustment is easily done without any service professionals, special tools or effort. Rearrange your storage systems to accommodate not only what you move but how you move it.

E-commerce and supply chain management are changing every day. Will your business be ready? Reach out to your Local Montel Distributor today to find out which mobile storage system is right for you.

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