It’s impossible to generalize what any government agency or military organization needs from their high-density storage solutions. In our experience, this market is among our most diverse, and contracts with this market result in many unique builds that rival the scope of any other.

But four, often overlapping, qualities are almost always a part of any government or military storage project:


General contractors are looking for turnkey solutions. Simply put, any storage solution built for agencies or the military must comply with and enhance the security on site.


Government agencies and military organizations tend to operate across many satellite facilities, which makes organization difficult. Many of our clients in this market have sought solutions that support a centralized hub capable of processing sensitive materials and deploying quickly regardless of size.


It’s not all about paper-pushing—government agencies and military organizations often process evidence, weapons, specialized electronics, and other materials that rarely fit efficiently into a standard filing cabinet. High-density storage solutions, therefore, must also rise to meet the challenges of carrying capacity and adjustability.

Ease of use

The last thing contractors want is for the government officials they serve to be bogged down by manuals and instructions for how to use or adjust their storage solutions. These officials have a perfect process in mind, and their desired storage solutions will help them reach that goal.

RFQs, GSA, NAICS—Montel knows government contracts


We don’t expect our relationships with government agencies and military organizations to function like our relationships with the private sector. We know there are strict, complex codes governing how officials request bids, assess them, and pay for services rendered—and that those codes are there for a reason.


In the century since our business began, Montel has forged lasting partnerships with countless general contractors, architects, and structural engineers. When agencies and military organizations turn to their contractors for improved storage, they bring detailed specifications that we must meet or risk losing to another business who can. Furthermore, working well with a general contractor means streamlining procurement by utilizing the GSA schedule at hand. We’ve done it before, and we’re proud to do it again.

Talk to your contractor about getting in touch with Montel, for specifications or consultation on your basis of design. For more information, have them reach out to your local Authorized Montel Distributor or visit our Contact Us page.

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