Businesses across the world are feeling the effects of climate change on their operations. According to a recent Deloitte Global survey, more than a quarter of the 750 businesses polled say they already experience disruption due to climate-change disasters and a growing scarcity—and therefore higher cost—of valuable resources such as energy and water.


At Montel, we feel it too. Over the years, we not only changed how our business operates but also made a commitment to help our clients make their businesses greener too. Our in-house environmental committee is always tapping industry experts for ideas for innovation. Every year, we invest in reducing our environmental impact and evolve into a more eco-friendly company—converting the heating system in our manufacturing plant from oil to renewable natural gas, switching to recyclable cartonboard, and greatly cutting back on plastics.


But it doesn’t end there. We’ve also been committed to ISO 14001 for more than a decade and ISO 9001 since 1994. Montel has the longest ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and commitment to quality in our industry.


Anyone can say they’re a green business, but with climate change still on the rise, cheap talk and a single recycling bin in the break room aren’t getting us anywhere close to where we need to be.

Montel and LEED certification

Created by the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED certification—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—seeks to shine a spotlight on buildings designed and operated with the future of our planet in mind. Although these buildings are different in nature, they all share the same qualities—high overall energy efficiency, indoor water conservation, renewable energy technologies, and standards for reducing waste.


Montel and its mobile storage and racking solutions have a long history of assisting businesses as they seek to earn their LEED certification. While LEED certification doesn’t cover specific solutions, it is awarded to those whose intent in implementing solutions aims to protect the environment, either broadly or specifically within their communities. Many Montel products also pass LEED pre-check, an early indicator of LEED consistency.


Montel is proud to say its products have been part of that decision-making process, in some cases contributing directly to LEED points.

Montel’s ISO 14001 certification

Environmental management systems are key to implementing real change through green initiatives. An EMS is a set of guiding principles and processes for reducing an organization’s environmental impact through concrete steps. And ISO 14001 certification aims to ensure that the EMS your organization uses will actually make a difference to the environment.


Montel is proud to be an ISO-certified business—9001 for its quality management system and 14001 as for its environmental management system. Audited and certified annually since 2011, Montel has been focused on green building initiatives year after year and invested a lot of time and energy to meet its goals. All Montel employees are engaged in meeting the company’s established environmental objectives, which are in compliance with ISO 14001:2015 standards.

We don’t just claim to be green. Montel is green—and we’ve got the reputation (and the receipts) to back it up.

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