When it comes to return on investment on a mobile storage solution, many buyers think, if my initial investment is low, I have a better chance of making that money back as fast as possible.


And who would argue with that? There’s no denying the sense there. But weighing a mobile storage investment by cost savings alone could saddle you with inadequate shelving or racking that’s more trouble than it’s worth.


Instead, think of ROI another way: if I invest in a mobile storage solution that helps me perform better, we’ll perform better overall and make that initial investment back—and then some!


If you’re in the market for new mobile storage solutions, here’s how investing in high-quality shelving or racking up front will save you in the long run.

Greatest potential for spatial efficiency

By design, mobile storage solutions save space by eliminating the need for more than one open aisle at a time, and by stacking multiple tiers to take advantage of previously unused vertical space. Facilities with mobile storage can cut down on their total storage footprint in order to reclaim the space for other purposes, or to maximize their storage by adding more storage units to the space they save.


But any mobile storage provider can manufacture solutions that rest on those laurels. What mobile storage providers like Montel do is operate as though the benefits of mobile storage are the baseline and build up from there, engineering innovative ways to save space and maximize storage capacity along the horizontal and vertical axes. That extra attention to detail could mean extra carriage without any sacrifice on space or comfort.

Lowest maintenance costs & Most-optimized labor savings

A smart investor knows to factor maintenance costs and repairs into their ROI calculations. So it stands to reason that mobile storage solutions with low maintenance costs and repairs will help expedite the ROI process.


But how do you know a mobile storage solution is built to last?


  • How strong is it? You’ve probably considered carrying capacity, but will the frame and the mechanical components stand up to power washing? Will they resist rust? Can they repel any chemicals they might come in contact with at your facility?
  • How adjustable is it? Does it require special tools or a third-party professional to adjust shelves? Can they be adjusted on site by staff quickly so as not to waste valuable labor costs or delay operations?
  • How hygienic is it? Will the construction help cut down on the spread of germs, pests, and cross-contamination? Does it work with cleaning operations instead of against them?


The last question to ask is, how responsive is the maintenance? An inoperable mobile storage system could mean expensive downtime costs, so you’ll want to work with a provider who can dispatch professionals quickly.

Most-optimized labor savings:

It’s no secret that labor costs are expensive to businesses. The average Fortune 500 company spends $1 billion to $2 billion per year on labor, more than 50 percent of their total spending. Any facility manager with an investment in mobile storage on the mind is likely also considering how these solutions will impact the employees who interact with them.

Sure, a mobile storage system can promise savings, but are those savings then walking out the door because of wasted labor potential on the ground floor? If the hardware doesn’t support your workers by creating better SKU organization and safer, more ergonomic workspaces, then the road to ROI is one step forward, two steps back.

Mobile storage, ROI, and Montel

At Montel, we understand that our customers want to take the risk out of that initial investment into mobile storage. We won’t mince words: we’re not the cheapest mobile storage provider out there, but what you get from Montel is worlds beyond what our competitors offer. We invented mobile storage more than a hundred years ago, after all.


See for yourself by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation with your local Authorized Montel Distributor. We’ll even include free 2D and 3D renderings of the ideal mobile storage installation for your facility.

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